The Number One Reason to Wear Mineral Makeup

More and more women are finding good reasons to wear mineral makeup. Chemical-free mineral makeup provides natural protection from the sun, is naturally hypoallergenic, and is gentle on the environment.
But one reason tops them all: mineral makeup does not contain the chemicals that conventional makeup does.
Before I go on, I need to clarify one thing. I am referring to pure, natural mineral makeup. Many conventional cosmetic companies have jumped on the mineral makeup bandwagon, creating products that may have minerals as the main component, but yet are still loaded with other poisonous substances. So when I use the term “mineral makeup”, I am talking about the kind that has absolutely no chemical ingredients, and that must be found either in a health food store or online.
Research has showed that the average woman exposes herself to close to ninety toxins every morning while preparing for the day. Many of these toxins are found in cosmetics, and can cause everything from skin irritation to cancer. Some of those toxins include:
1. Mercury and other heavy metals. These accumulate in the body, contaminating the blood and organs and therefore increasing one’s risk of developing degenerative disease. They can also cause allergies, skin irritation, and neurotoxicity. Have trouble concentrating? It may be, at least in part, due to the makeup you wear.
2. Parabens. These carcinogenic compounds are everywhere in the work of cosmetics.
3. Sodium lauryl sulfate. This causes cells to degenerate, speeding up the aging process, and also damages skin and hair.
4. Formaldehyde-releasing ingredients. Formaldehyde can – in part – cause asthma and other respiratory problems, trigger heart palpitations, fatigue, immune dysfunction, and cancer.
5. Propylene glycol. This is an ingredient of antifreeze and brake fluid. Need I say more?
6. Artificial coloring. These are petroleum derived, and suspected to increase cancer risk.
This is only a tiny list of the tens of thousands of chemicals found in conventional makeup. Worse yet, the chemical ingredients in cosmetics are not regulated. Makeup companies can – and do – put whatever kind of chemical in any quantity.
You may think, “Big deal. It’s not like I’m eating it.” Actually, putting chemicals on your skin is worse than eating them. While the toxins you eat are at least to some extent neutralized by the action of the liver, those that you put on your skin are quickly absorbed into the blood. And the body can only handle so much toxic waste before it starts to break down.
If you’ve been needing some good reasons to wear mineral makeup, may this number one reason be compelling enough to persuade you to make the switch.

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