Acne Free Skin – Why Waste Your Money When There Are Real Simple & Inexpensive Ways to Cure Acne?

Are you one of those suffering from ‘ACNE CRISIS’ and trying to combat it in an ‘EXPENSIVE’ way by packing all top brands from the store to your home? At least Acne Care does not require this AGGRESSION from you. Also after few months you will start realizing how much money you have wasted on products that JUST DON’T DELIVER.
Hi My friend, No brand or No television shopping program will have those good anchors who would advise you the REAL SIMPLE INEXPENSIVE ways to cure acne. If they are going to do that, sure they are going to lose their business. So what are these simple ways?
a) 9 out 10 acne skin problems can be controlled by just WASHING FACE TWICE A DAY with any good cleanser. Do you think this is a hard task? This is because acne causing daemons, I mean bacteria, have no reason to live on clean oxygenated face.
b) HOT WATER SHOWERS may bring you warmth but they are going to worsen your acne. Even if you can’t stop hot water showers for your body, at least WASH YOUR FACE WITH COLD WATER. This is not a difficult task either. The reason is that hot water showers can wash off essential elastic substances called lipids from skin. Your skin turns angry, red and starts secreting too much oil (crying?). After effect of this, as you guessed, is ACNE.
c) DO NOT RUB YOUR FACE with towel. Instead GENTLY PAT DRY. This is the simplest of the discussed steps. (You would appreciate, right?). Rubbing can again do the same harm as HOT WATER showers.

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