Melissa Barrera Talks About Vida, The Series That Brought Together A Cast Led By Latinas

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Melissa Barrera Talks About Vida, The Series That Brought Together A Cast Led By Latinas
Melissa Barrera Talks About Vida, The Series That Brought Together A Cast Led By Latinas

Video: Melissa Barrera Talks About Vida, The Series That Brought Together A Cast Led By Latinas

Video: Melissa Barrera Talks About Vida, The Series That Brought Together A Cast Led By Latinas
Video: Melissa Barrera Talks Famous Sisters, Vida, and In the Heights 2023, March

Vida is a new series by STARZ that premiered last Sunday, May 6. It explores identity, culture, gender and sexuality through the lens of a Latinx family and its community

Composed of six chapters - 30 minutes each - it tells the story of Emma Hernández (Mishel Prada) and Lyn (Melissa Barrera), two sisters with Mexican roots who return to their old neighborhood in Los Angeles after the death of their mother Vidalia, who has left them a family bar, La Chinita, and an apartment that sits on the premises. In addition to this, they discover a dark secret that is revealed thanks to the roommate her mother had in recent years.

Both sisters grew up separate and very different, but they will have to face the past, their different sexual tastes and their own existence.

This series, written by Tanya Saracho, was created by Latina women. According to the author, during one of the events leading up to the premiere, when a significant number of Latinos get together, there is more freedom to handle the stories.

We spoke with Melissa Barrera about this project, her character and other details of the series.

Always Woman (SM): Tell us about your role as Lyn in this series. What is it about?

Melissa Barrera (MB): “Lyn is not the typical female protagonist. She is charming and caring. It represents the millennial woman, who likes to be up-to-date and fashionable with the latest trends, but is also imperfect, impulsive, lost and makes bad decisions. She is the younger of the two sisters and has discovered a way to cross life by jumping from boyfriend to boyfriend, and from party to party, without having to face any real responsibility and without having to face her real self. It is not until she is forced to return to East Los Angeles to bury her mother that she will have to face her roots, her past, and everything that she has been constantly running away from.”

SM What were the compelling reasons that led you to make the decision to participate in a series where the lesbian theme is touched upon?

(MB): “Well, for me it was a piece of cake for being a show that is broadcast on the main cable, with female protagonists who are also Latinx, which reflects the life of Latinos in the United States and which was also created by a person that I admire a lot, as Tanya Saracho is, it was certainly not an opportunity that was given often and I took advantage of it.

But, I also thought it important that I should give an authentic voice to this type of community in the face of the mainstream media.”

SM What do you think of this type of projects committed to diversity?

(MB): “I think they are very few and distant. We need more, and audiences also deserve more. Hopefully Vida is opening a door that will remain open for other creators and storytellers who have been waiting for the opportunity to tell their stories. And, hopefully, after Life, other networks will be as brave as Starz and give that space on their platforms.”

SM What does it mean to you to be part of this project that has already won the Public Award at South by Southwest?

(MB): “I still can't believe it! I am so proud! It is one thing to know that you are part of a special project, and another to see the positive reaction of people after seeing it.

We all did a great job with love and passion, aware that it wasn't just a good acting job, but something much bigger, bigger than any of us. It is a big step in inclusion in the industry.

Listening to those who have seen her say that they cannot wait to see the rest of the chapters, as well as thanking us for finally giving voice to our community, is the best gift that an actor or actress can receive”.

SM What does it mean to work with a team led by women and in the United States, where the work of Latinos is often discriminated against?

(MB): “It is magic. I have always believed that women in power do great work. Women leaders, but on top of that Latinas, were in charge of almost all Life departments, from writing to acting. The fact that we have such a special and quality show shows that we deserve equal opportunities.”

SM Because of the story, you had to share a lot with Mishel, what was it like working with her?

(MB): “Wonderful. I am very grateful to have her as a friend and scene partner. We were lucky to have clicked from the moment we met and that connection helped us get through it all. There was trust and communication, and most importantly, a lot of love on set. The entire cast is a dream, human beings so generous and amazing to work and start a family, which is who we are now.”

Keep track of Vida through the STARZ platform or on their social networks on Facebook and Twitter. If you have not seen the trailer, watch it and do not lose detail to the next chapters.

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