Married Men's Lies

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Married Men's Lies
Married Men's Lies

Video: Married Men's Lies

Video: Married Men's Lies
Video: Lies you're told about marriage in your twenties. 2023, December

Did you have to listen to some of the lies that men use the most?

Some committed men are capable of anything to find a woman who agrees to be their lover. Even typical lies.

Having a ring on your finger that links you to another person does not prevent you from aspiring to a new relationship outside of your marriage or free union.

For that reason, girls, we advise you to pay attention to the 30 most common lies of married men. Who offers them is José Rafael Sossa, journalist and Dominican writer. Since 2007, he investigates this topic, for which he uses three fundamental pillars: research, imagination and above all, experience.

"I hope this contribution is reflective for men and women. I seek transparency and sincerity so that my peers get rid of that absurd thought of believing that women possess them, "says the writer.

Girls, pay attention to the 30 typical lies of married men.

1. It is the usual one: I am getting a divorce. Don't believe them until you see the minutes in your hands!

2. It is classic for all: "My marriage is in crisis."

3. I have not left it for my children.

4. I got married very young. I think it didn't work out of immaturity.

5. We have not separated because we have many businesses in common.

6. She suffers from the heart, that's why I haven't left her.

7. I cannot abandon my wife because she is very ill.

8. I still love her, but love faded for a long time.

9. The magic disappeared and we did not realize it.

10. Everyday life led us to crisis.

11. Everything changes when I'm by your side.

12. I have been sleeping in another room for a long time.

13. Our interests were defined in different directions.

14. The mother-in-law has separated us. We live under the same roof.

15. She believes that because she contributes at home she has no commitments with me.

16. I love her, but it's not the same. There is no chemistry.

17. I do not leave because I prefer the stability of the family.

18. You are the woman who was late in my life.

19. I thought he was dead. You have revolutionized me from the sexual side.

20. My life without you would be meaningless.

21. I have not left home due to financial commitments.

22. I think I 'm with her out of habit.

23. If I leave her, I'm sure she dies.

24. One day I explode and I will leave my house.

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25. I had never felt like this. Where were you?

26. I got freedom with you.

27. I feel miserable cheating on her, but there are things I can't resist.

28. She is a good woman and mother, but she lacks being good in bed.

29. I love and respect her, but I am weak with you.

30. I am willing to love you above all else. At any moment I am going to get divorced to marry you and spend the rest of my life together.

What other lie of the married ones would you add to the list? Chances are you know a lot more! Add them!