15 Sex Rules You Should Know Before 30

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15 Sex Rules You Should Know Before 30
15 Sex Rules You Should Know Before 30

Video: 15 Sex Rules You Should Know Before 30

Video: 15 Sex Rules You Should Know Before 30
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That there are some rules that you must follow in sex?

Yes, before you turn 30 - I would say much earlier - you need to know these 15 rules that are essential to fully enjoy a healthy sexual relationship. And they are simple.

I'm not talking about love, about falling in love. I speak of sex, physical contact and integration with your partner. Don't be blind. Here you will learn to say, "I like it that way" or "we better do it this way." Your Tango portal prepared an interesting guide, but we wanted to add other rules for you to flow in bed. Take note.

1. NO, DO NOT pretend orgasms. That is a blunder. If you don't have it, you don't have it. Always remember Samantha Jones in Sex and the City, she was honest with all her lovers.

2. Natural groans. If you're going to scream, make it sound natural, make it part of the sexual act. Let it go according to the movement; an impulse. Do not want to imitate actresses in porn movies, your partner will notice.

3. Give to receive. Do you want to feel satisfied? Well, it's up to you to please his wishes too. Let's do it!;)

4. What about oral sex? If you have a partner you know and have been tested for venereal disease, give it a try! You will not regret.

5. Female masturbation. Yes, my dear, we women should and can enjoy satisfying ourselves. Whether with the help of a dildo or naturally, it depends on taste. But, do not think that it is a matter of adolescent boys.

6. And he who plays too. You can combine it. While you masturbate, he can touch other parts of your body.

7. Take the reins. You start! Do it today, and repeat it tomorrow. Your boy will love it.

8. Prepare the environment. It is not cheesy. If you know your boy is coming, find a candle, incense, and clean sheets. In sex all the senses are applied, nothing better than a fresh environment. Have a towel on hand for when the sexual act is over.

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9. Ask him. Let him know how you like him to move, touch you, and talk to you to reach an orgasm. If you don't tell her, she might be lost and you'll end up a bit disenchanted.

10. Enjoy! The sexual act is proven that it serves to release stress, burn calories and improve self-esteem. Enjoy. Feel pleasure and relax.

11. Zero complexes. One quality that is very appealing to men is the security of a woman. Don't tell him, "I just got fat" or "I feel ugly." That, if you want, you ask a friend. With him you have to feel like what you are: a goddess who will feel pleasure in the sexual act. Love your body and you will enjoy your sexuality.

12. "Kiss me, kiss me a lot." You can make that request and you must also put it into practice. The preamble is super important.

13. What about protection? With illnesses and pregnancies are not a matter of game. Condoms should be part of your sexual relationship. If your boy doesn't want to wear them, you have to ask him why. If not, there will be consequences.

14. Sexy lingerie, but practical. Verify that the fabric is not hard or that it does not scratch the skin. Some pieces of lace instead of giving you a good night, may be cause for discussion because it causes itchy skin.

15. Play with the positions. Please don't want to always do it in the same sexual position. Yes, it may be true that you find multiple orgasm with a specific one; However, play if your boy will be bored. And you can never allow that.