Things They Do In Bed And Women Hate

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Things They Do In Bed And Women Hate
Things They Do In Bed And Women Hate

Video: Things They Do In Bed And Women Hate

Video: Things They Do In Bed And Women Hate
Video: Things men do in bed that women hate! 2023, December

What things do you hate that he does in bed?

As they say, love sometimes blinds us! But, believe me, over time these "small" or huge mistakes put us in a bad mood.

Some men repeatedly fall into the same mistakes over and over again. Identify yourself with Always Woman with the things we hate that they do in bed. And indirectly send this article to your partner. Of course, the most convenient thing is to talk about what they like and what they don't like when they are together

1. Everything is "NOW":

Why don't they understand that we are preliminary? They want everything now and as they say. We are tired of always saying the same. Women experience pleasure when there are caresses, frolicking and others … Enough of thinking that it's just penetrating. It is true, that sometimes it is a “quickie”, but not always. In what language do we have to speak to them so that they understand?

2. They grab our hair:

Yes, literally. Okay a little bit, but when it turns to grab and pull, pull and pull … it's not a nice thing!

3. With a special “mask”:

¿Ah? For tastes, flavors! But, that they try to end up in our face, that is unpleasant. Even, sometimes they pretend that we accept that it is in our breasts and then massage them. It may seem exciting in a movie, but guys, that doesn't mean that all women agree to do it.

4. They push us by the head:

Eyyyyy! We already know what to do down there! Why are you pushing my head? What folly of some men to push us as if we were puppets. Do we do the same to him? I do not think … Let me please you with what you like so much, but without the need for an "extra" that is not pleasant at all.

5. I'm done !:

Whateeee It makes us so angry that they care only about them. Which girl not? It is unacceptable to accept that any boy with whom we share that moment feels like owner and lord. It does not seem fair to us that the satisfaction is his, nothing more. It's not worth it! Guys, we hate that.

6. Put your fingers where they shouldn't:

It has been said many times that anal sex is painful and unappealing among women. If you are one of them, he should know and respect that you do not like that. Stop insisting! The same for us. If he doesn't like you stroking a certain area (whatever it is), respect him. Mutual agreement.

7. When they complain:

Here I stay and you do what you want! That is the behavior of many men. They make us believe that they are rag dolls, so we will do everything we want to them without them moving a single finger.

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8. The puppy repeatedly:

How foolish! We already know that this posture gives them an extra dose of pleasure, but it does not have to be in every encounter all the time. There are so many sexual positions to try …

9. They believe Christian Gray:

They believe that all the scenes they saw in this movie can lead them to bed. You better forget because at least those girls get paid to pretend they like that. Not all women are excited by whipping or hitting our faces with your "weapon."

10. Kisses with …:

We don't want to seal our lips with ourselves!

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