Tips For Your First Time

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Tips For Your First Time
Tips For Your First Time

Video: Tips For Your First Time

Video: Tips For Your First Time
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Which of us was not afraid that first time? How can we prepare ourselves not to feel so uncomfortable?

The sexual fantasies that we create when we are teenagers for that “first time” are diverse. With the ideal boy and in the perfect place. However, the fear we experience is immense. True?

Precisely for the first time we do not want you to spend moments of anguish or treasure that day as the worst in your life.

Helena Lebrija, clinical psychologist, offers 6 tips to prepare you for that first time.

1. Ideal age: Does not exist! "It is a myth that there is an ideal age to have sex. That thought of waiting until I was 21 to do it is wrong. This decision is very personal and depends on education and religious beliefs, "says the specialist.

2. No pressure: "My boyfriend asks for proof of love because we have been dating for a year, but I don't know what to do." It is common for us to hear girls expressing such concern. The recommendation that the expert offers us is that women should see this request as manipulation.

“No one has the right to pressure you to do what you don't want or are not ready yet. If he understands you, is patient and supports your decisions, the relationship will become stronger, he says.

3. With an acquaintance: In an investigation by Northwestern University, the women interviewed who answered about what that first time was like, those who have stable partners expressed that from that first time they have beautiful memories. Quite the contrary to those that were with unknown people.

3. Pain: On many occasions the penetration of the penis causes our hymen to break, therefore we will feel some pain or discomfort and some girls even have bleeding. Understanding our boy this first time is paramount.

4. Caresses: How much do we enjoy foreplay? The excitement that any person achieves with the previous caresses defines the quality of the sexual encounter. In this first time it is vital that they exist, otherwise you will remember it as the most frightening experience.

"With intimate contact, our vagina lubricates itself and the penis will be able to slide much more easily," says Helena.

5. There is not always bleeding: The hymen of women breaks not only with sex. An example of this is by cycling and horseback riding.

“There are women who are born without hymen, others have more elastic hymens. In these last cases, the penetration of your boy will be easier and the breakup will not occur,”says the specialist in couples issues.

6. Protection: How many women have become pregnant in that first time? Many… girls, take precautionary measures! If you know that day is “your day”, don't forget to bring a condom. Never allow that first encounter to be done without protection! …

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