Lies That Tell You About Marriage

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Lies That Tell You About Marriage
Lies That Tell You About Marriage

Video: Lies That Tell You About Marriage

Video: Lies That Tell You About Marriage
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If you are already married or at the gates of marriage, surely someone has already told you some of these lies

Oh the marriage! How many stories have we been told where the prince marries the princess and they have a happily ever after? Or the novels, in which after so much drama and disagreement, the protagonists end up on the altar happy, and the story ends when they finally say yes.

It seems that marriage is the finish line. You just have to cross it and everything will be fine.

That they be brought to the altar seems to be still the most important “goal” for many women today, but there are several things worth knowing about marriage; especially those that are pure lies.

These are the most common lies that can ruin your idea of marriage:

1. There is an age to marry: For many women, the wedding has to be before they turn 30, because if they do not run the risk (according to them) of remaining single for life. The pressure of having to get married at a certain age can ruin a couple.

2. You will no longer be alone: Marriage is not an escape from loneliness. Being married will not prevent you from feeling lonely sometimes. Marriage does not have the function of “completing you”. Especially if after getting married many of your friends are no longer in daily contact with you. And it happens even more when you have small children.

3. It is the "most important day of your life": I personally hate this phrase. The most important day in a woman's life should not be because she "finally" gets married. It may be the day she graduates from college, the day she makes that world-planned trip, the day she becomes a mother, or simply the day she realizes that happiness is within her and not outside.. The wedding is the beginning of a relationship in which we bet a lot, but the relationship itself is much more important than a wedding party, a dress or a bouquet.

4. Anything goes if it is to "save" the marriage: There are people who do whatever it takes to avoid a divorce, and sometimes those decisions are more damaging than the separation. There are women who have children thinking that they are going to "retain" their husband with the baby, or that they do things that are absolutely harmful or childish to avoid the inevitable. The marriage is made up of two individuals, who unite voluntarily to care for each other, to love each other and to have projects together, and not to mistreat each other.

5. A large wedding is super important: The average cost of a wedding in the United States is $ 31,000. If you get into so much debt to get married, you start your marriage with financial problems. And although love is strong, money problems always negatively affect relationships. The wedding party can be very important to you, but more important has to be the emotional and financial stability of your marriage.

6. People only marry for love: In many cases what ultimately makes a couple say yes is not simply because they love each other. Sometimes it is because they have children and they want to give them benefits that are obtained from marriage, or because they can finally buy a house, or because one of them sets the ultimatum: either we get married or we separate. Love is a very important ingredient, but to get married people also need other things.

7. If you live together, you will never get married: I will have heard that so many times. Living together before marriage can be the best way to know if saying yes at the altar is a good idea. For many it is the previous step to the marriage and if the couple that lives together does not get married, it is probably because it was not for them. Government statistics ensure that more than 40 percent of people who marry each year have already lived together for about 3 years.

8. Once married, everything changes: If your man is unfaithful to you, nothing, no paper, ring or dress, however beautiful he is, will guarantee that he will change after you are married. Maybe I will do it more discreetly, but a ring doesn't make anyone change magically. Getting married makes your relationship “official” before the law, but if your partner's heart is empty, that promise of love documented in front of witnesses will be broken sooner than you think.

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9. It is for life: In the United States more than 40 percent of marriages end in divorce, even though they have sworn to love each other until death separates them. While the number of divorces has decreased since the 1980s, the number of marriages has also decreased. There are fewer divorces, but people take longer to get married.

Even with so many lies and myths about marriage, there is an average of 5,800 weddings per day in the United States, which proves that many still have faith and that, beyond sacrifices, hard work, disappointments and statistics, legal union of two people is still something highly expected in the course of life.