Things That A Woman Should Not Accept In A Relationship

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Things That A Woman Should Not Accept In A Relationship
Things That A Woman Should Not Accept In A Relationship

Video: Things That A Woman Should Not Accept In A Relationship

Video: Things That A Woman Should Not Accept In A Relationship
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When we are in a relationship, not everything that shines is gold. Not all attitudes are good. There are some that for no reason should you accept. Which are? Here at Siempre Mujer we tell you.

1. Never allow disrespect:

Girls, out of respect for ourselves and our mothers, never let a man, especially if he is your partner, express hurtful words towards you. If he loves you, he is aware of committing, taking care of yourself and appreciating yourself.

2. Your voice raises you:

Neither in a discussion, much less because you are wrong, does he have the right to yell at you. If you think that he sometimes expresses himself in a very high tone of voice and you don't like it, let him know in time. Don't let those screams come to blows.

3. You lie:

A healthy relationship is maintained by mutual trust. Men do not like that the controls and much less that we try to know where they have been, with whom … but, many manage to throw away the trust that we have given them and they start to lie regularly. We realize it! The boy who is not prepared for a serious relationship is capable of making excuses in order to get away with it. For example, going with friends to a bar to have a good time without you realizing it.

4. He dares to insult you:

We are all wrong, but when the situation is out of the ordinary, you need to talk to him so he will apologize and next time think twice to do it again.

5. Damn jealousy:

Does it happen to them? Some women feel tired of dealing with a man who constantly watches over them. They are so foolish that they are already looking for anything to put together an illogical fight. Jealousy is not healthy! Girls, evaluate your relationship and talk to him if you think he gets out of control sometimes.

6. Men do not change:

They can improve, but they never change. If your boy has been unfaithful to you, he will do it again sometime. Expressions like: "I was drunk," "It won't happen again" and "I don't remember" are pure LIES … If you are weak in the face of this, you will continue to suffer again and again. Do not let that happen!

7. He dares to threaten you:

Many women suffer today because their partners beat them and threatened to leave the house. Friends, let them go. If you have children, those "scenes" of violence are most likely doing them a lot of harm. Your children are not worth seeing as their father is capable of hitting and hurting the person who gave them life.

If you are a girlfriend and you see that he constantly threatens you to end the relationship, value who is that person next to you. Whether it's worth it or not.

8. It is expressed as if you were an object:

When you go out with him he asks his friends: Do you want to sleep with my girlfriend? Girls, what kind of man does this? You are not a sex object!

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9. Past tone text messages:

It is not that she cannot converse with her friends but the way she does it. Men often talk to other women through past-tone text messages. It is unacceptable! You deserve respect and fidelity.

10. Doesn't make sure you're okay:

It is one of the worst mistakes of men. They never worry about whether their girlfriend or wife is okay. They never call to find out: How are you doing at work or with the children? Not worth it!

Value your relationship and talk to your boy about the things you don't deserve to happen. He is clear that as a woman you deserve respect and a lot of love. They are not stupid!