How Many Times A Week Should I Have Sex?

How Many Times A Week Should I Have Sex?
How Many Times A Week Should I Have Sex?

Video: How Many Times A Week Should I Have Sex?

Video: How Many Times A Week Should I Have Sex?
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Two, three, four, every day? How many times a week do you have sex with your partner?

Sex is not measured by quantity but by quality. For multiple reasons, couples tend to diminish their sexual encounters, especially due to the lifestyle they lead. That is why many people will wonder: is there a specific number of days to have sex?

"The frequency is agreed upon as a couple, in this way both will be satisfied and the relationship will be more stable," says the Center for University Studies of Women and the University of Salamanca.

Other specialists are opposed to the idea of having sex on certain days because it affects desire. For example: "It's Friday and today it's time", some men often think. Girls, don't feel pressured and tell your boy. Sexual relations are not determined by days but by factors such as desire, excitement, among others.

In her book Sex and only sex, Carmen López affirms that couples are free to love and that things do not prevail, they only flow in the moment. Just let yourself go if it is what you want or look for your boy to love yourself at that moment. Even if you feel like any day, get ready early. Send him provocative messages, make a dinner and wear that babydoll that he likes so much. You will not regret!

Another opinion on this topic is offered by Dr. Rosario Castaño.

“The frequency does not determine whether or not there are sexual problems. Each pair has a certain rank. They are free to choose the days and quantities. Or they just let go for the moment and the circumstances, he says.

While Antoni Bolinches, writer, says something very true and that happens to most couples.

"The sexual frequency when you are a girlfriend or boyfriend is two or three times more than what you have when the relationship stabilizes." You are absolutely right! At the beginning of the relationship everything is an "experiment" because we don't know each other, but we do want each other. With the passage of time, sex becomes more frequent, but the years go by and everything changes.

But what is their opinion on the number of sexual encounters when the relationship is already stable?


"People who have sex more than four times a week make more money than people who totally undermine sex," says Nick Drydakis of Anglia Ruskin University.

If couples have sexual intercourse at least 3 times a week, they achieve:

1. Be happier.

2. They become attractive people.

3. They maintain the figure.

4. Reduce stress.

5. Your heart is healthier.

6. Supports the immune system.

7. Relieves headache.

8. It improves the health of the skin.

9. Favors at bedtime.

10. Reduces vaginal dryness.

And you, how many times a week do you have sex?

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