Reasons Why You Don't Have Orgasms

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Reasons Why You Don't Have Orgasms
Reasons Why You Don't Have Orgasms

Video: Reasons Why You Don't Have Orgasms

Video: Reasons Why You Don't Have Orgasms
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How much do you enjoy reaching orgasm? But why don't you sometimes get it?

When it comes to pleasure, women have more physical sensitivity than men. However, sometimes it is not enough for you to get to the top of a sexual relationship. This health problem is known as orgasmic dysfunction. Have you experienced this situation? Have you been extremely aroused but are not achieving orgasm?

An investigation by the University of Louvain in Belgium carried out on 251 women of all ages confirmed that 167 respondents agreed to be fully orgasmic while the rest stated that they were not able to have orgasms.

Another who analyzed the situation is the psychologist Pascal De Sutter, who indicates that you and I did not manage to climax on some occasions because we worry about the physical aspect and this prevents us from concentrating. In addition, the specialist concluded that girls who have erotic thoughts during sex easily reach the top.

According to Dr. Aliza Lifshitz, male sexual impotence is often talked about, but rarely about yours and mine.

“Sexual relations are of two. Believe it or not, women sometimes have problems reaching orgasm, even when they are excited, explains the doctor.

Data given by the specialist estimate that 66% of women suffer from sexual disorders. Specifically 33% have no desire, 20% do not feel pleasure or with sexual contact, 15% feel pain on penetration, 18% to 48% have trouble getting aroused, 46% find it difficult to climax and between 15 % and 24% fail to feel an orgasm. Do you identify with any of these data?


“A relationship depends on many factors such as: environment, physical condition and health. Girls with an inability to climax feel pleasure and become aroused, but there are factors beyond the physical that do not allow them to be satisfied, says Dr. Aliza Lifshitz.

Lifshitz also adds other causes that may be preventing you from having orgasms.

1. Much stress.

2. You are facing relationship problems and already the monotony of the relationship is hurting you.

3. There is no communication; that is, you are shy and do not know how to tell your partner how and what parts stimulate you.

4. You had a bad sexual experience at some point in your life.

5. Your sex education has many prejudices.

6. You care about your physique and you don't enjoy the moment.

7. You worry about not getting pregnant.

8. Fear that your partner will transmit a sexual illness to you.

9. Anxiety and depression.

10. Physical problems.

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To cope with the situation and allow you to lead an active and full sex life, the specialist advises you: “Good communication with your partner about what turns you on, this is the first step in solving the problem. It is vital that your boy is understanding and willing to always collaborate. If necessary, go to a psychologist or sexologist, they will help you, he says.

He concludes: “There are many things you can do to improve your sex life. If it is due to physical condition, go to the right professional to advise you. If it's psychological, don't be shy about reporting it. The important thing in sex is that you enjoy…”In sex there is nothing normal or abnormal. There are no set rules!

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