Macho Phrases You Should Never Tolerate

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Macho Phrases You Should Never Tolerate
Macho Phrases You Should Never Tolerate

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There are plenty of macho men. Although the thought of staying home to care for them has diminished, there are still men who keep this idea in mind

According to the psychologist Guy Winch, macho men show their personality in a subtle way, because they prevent the girl they are pretending from walking away.

"Initially, women feel that attitude as protection, but over time they realize that these signs go further and it is called machismo," says the specialist in psychology.

Before knowing the 8 macho phrases that we should never allow them to tell us, Winch helps us recognize these types of boys. Cautious woman worth it for two!

1. Your opinion does not count: It is very typical that when they go out to a bar or restaurant they ask the waiter for their favorite drink. But, it's not right that he always does. If he has that behavior very often, tell him to fix it.

2. Everything is home: They tend to put aside your profession, personal development and your dreams. "They are only interested in making clear their aspirations which are: that you stay at home and have children," says the specialist.

3. A lot of confidence from the beginning: The superiority of these men also manifests itself when in the first days of meeting you they already call you "love", "affection" or something similar.

4. Negative opinions of the "ex": If you have this "ugly skill" is the reflection of what you will suffer later.

5. For them, they are all the same and they want the same things

Now, recognize 8 macho phrases that we women should NEVER accept that men tell us. Never girls, never!

1. "It had to be a woman": Girls, do you recognize this phrase? Men say it when it is a woman who drives a car and delays parking or makes a mistake. Studies show that women are more cautious when taking a vehicle.

2. "You are very smart and beautiful to be a girl": What?

3. "All women are interested in money": Today, women do not depend on anyone to buy our things, meet our goals and even get our children ahead. Many of us do it alone!

4. "Women love to be treated badly by men": None of us like to be masochists. That's a lie! Which one likes to suffer?

5. "Women want not to have to work": Are you serious? "Work provides us with 50% of our happiness," says Mauricio Corrales, life motivator. In our daily tasks we work as professionals and show that in many fields we are better than men.

6. “It's any one”: Because of the way some girls dress, men create wrong ideas. Even the job performance of some has led them to be successful and they already think that “they slept with the boss”. Please be more serious!

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7. "You're crazy": That is what they believe when we find conversations with other girls on their cell phones or we realize that the day he was late he went out with a girl to a bar.

8. "Serve me, I'm hungry": They finish cooking and the children are hungry, but it occurs to him that he has to be attended first. Has it happened to them?

Girls, what other macho phrase have you heard and you wouldn't allow to be told?

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