How Does Money Affect Couple Relationships?

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How Does Money Affect Couple Relationships?
How Does Money Affect Couple Relationships?

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What would you answer to the question of whether love can be bought?

I don't care too much for money, money can't buy me love, says the Beatles song, and personally I think there is no money that can make someone who doesn't love you love you. But…

Yes, there is a but because while money itself cannot "buy" a relationship, silver can affect a relationship to the point of making it a success or failure. It would be unwise to deny that the financial situation has a high impact on a marriage or partner.

Many couples swear love at the altar "in wealth and poverty" (for richer or for poorer), but over time they cannot keep the promise because money becomes a problem for both of them.

A University of Utah study shows how couples who fight for money at least once a week have a 30 percent greater chance of ending in divorce. When fights are daily, divorce risks increase more than 120 percent.

The big problem of couples ends up being the third in discord: money, and rather, its scarcity

On the contrary, when money is not a problem, when money is abundant or at least not lacking, the couple can focus on other things and not fight over the way money is spent or how to get out of debt.

But even so, couples fail. Even with money, mansions, luxury cars, diamond rings and vacations in the most exotic places, love often ends and even worse, on many occasions they go from loving to fighting in court for their millions.

Love and debts

These days, knowing about the couple's financial situation is important, because although love does not depend on money or material things, as the singer Andrés Calamaro said, “You cannot live on love” and you have to understand that the The financial situation of the person we are going to marry will have an impact on our lives, whether we want to or not.

If your husband is in debt for a student loan or his house was mortgaged by the bank, both members of the couple will probably have to deal with it in the future when they try to buy a house or get a loan for a car or to repair the garden.

In fact, many girls looking for a boyfriend online put in their requirements that they have a good financial situation and in many cases, they admit that they can accept to have a date with a man who is not very handsome, but who has financial organization, savings and money to " invest”in the relationship.

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In this sense, experts in psychology explain that money cannot buy love, but it does increase the chances of finding love. And when love finally comes, the need for money seems to come into the background, at least temporarily.

Money can improve a relationship and make love last longer, there is more stability and more respect and mutual admiration. But it can also generate the opposite: jealousy, quarrels, secrets and infidelities.

In conclusion, money can help create a better "environment" for love, but not buy it. Money can buy sex and image, but not make someone genuinely love us. And although it seems much easier to fall in love with a person who has money to seduce and give us "the moon", true love does not generate butterflies in our stomach when we see a $ 100 bill or a luxury car.

What do you think of all this?

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