10 Awkward Questions You Have To Ask On The First Date

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10 Awkward Questions You Have To Ask On The First Date
10 Awkward Questions You Have To Ask On The First Date

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The first date is SO EXCITING! When you have an event of such importance, you usually look and search through your closet to the point of finding the outfit with which you feel most comfortable, safe and sexy. But not only that, the history of your computer or cell phone gives you away because your last searches are: What to ask during a first date? Or what awkward questions do you have to ask on a date?

Since you are already an expert in the basics, we tell you what are those rare and even uncomfortable questions that you have to ask during the first meeting with that boy that you like, but that you are just trying to meet. It is worth mentioning that you have to do them late in the conversation, never from the first entry because that boy who attracts you so much will want to run away. Upps!


1. What do you think you are bad at?

It will be an unexpected question, but one that will make you smile. It works like breaking the ice of formality! Your honesty and curiosity will make him very frank with you and end up accepting what he has no ability.

2. Do you have a girlfriend?

Straight to the point! Ask once so that later you will not get any surprises nor do you have any false illusions. You already know that many men dare to date other girls even while in a relationship. If he lies, you will realize that he is doing it because his response is evasive or he will give you some sign of doubt.

3. How long have you been through with your ex?

If he tells you two weeks, he may just be looking to distract himself with your company. Regardless of your answer, immediately ask what terms they were left on because your answer will reveal a lot about your personality. Listen carefully to each word and find out whether or not he is respectful to his ex-partner.

4. How is someone as wonderful as you still single?

And we do not say it, assures the marriage counselor Robert Maurer, who explains that doing so gives you the option of knowing if they could have a successful relationship in the future because he will take it as a compliment, but also gives you the opportunity to evaluate their revealing response.

In Maurer's experience, if your date tells you a story in which he only shows himself as a victim, he better run away. If this boy does not assume any type of responsibility in the failure of his old love relationships, it can be a symptom of narcissism. The couple relationship is a thing of two!

5. What are you looking for in a relationship?

Only then will you realize if both are compatible. For example, you may be looking for stability, but he just wants something informal or vice versa. If after this first connection you decide to say "yes" to a second date, you will know under what circumstances.

6. What was the worst first date you ever had?

Psychologist Spencer Scott suggests asking this question only if you feel the conversation is on the right track. Explain that his response will reveal whether he is able to let his guard down and thus tell a funny story. Also, it's a good opportunity for that boy to realize how well the date is going compared to the one he's telling you about.

7. Who are the most important people in your life?

And why is this so relevant? Easy, it gives you a parameter to measure the relationship you have with your family and to identify your behavior with other people.

8. What do you consider to have been your best achievement?

By daring to ask something so basic, but important, you will understand what really interests him, if he has goals and dreams to fulfill or if, on the contrary, he goes through life aimlessly.

9. What bothers you the most in a couple?

On a first date you ALWAYS bring out the best in you, and of course, he does too. This mandatory question during a first date - if he is looking for a serious relationship - gives rise to a sincere answer. You may hate jealousy, disorder, check your cell phone, snore, leave the toilet lid up, do not close the toothpaste … So many things!

10. What note do you give to our appointment?

The million dollar question! Of course, do it when you notice that they will soon say goodbye because it gives you a clue if they will see each other in a second chance.

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