6 Apps To Have Better Sex

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6 Apps To Have Better Sex
6 Apps To Have Better Sex

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You need to renew yourself and start using sexual apps that make you a luxury lover. Find out what they are, download some or all of them today and start using them during your sexual relations

1. Sexy bottle: Simulates the classic bottle game that you have been playing since adolescence. It consists in that a group of friends or you with her are placed around a bottle, in this case they will put the mobile in the center to start the erotic game.

In this game there are two types of versions to choose from, the ligth or the heavy, the latter being the most daring and spicy. The modality is the same as the adolescence game; that is, it challenges you to confess a secret or to carry out actions such as "ask your boy to choose between a massage or a passionate kiss."

2. The Sex Dice: Do you feel stuck in your sex life? The Kinsey Institute concluded that almost a quarter of women are dissatisfied with their lives in bed. One of the factors is boredom.

To return the joy of before, it is best to experiment with new activities and get out of the routine. You will achieve this with this app, which when rolling the dice puts you and him, which stimulates the hormone called oxytocin, the same that is secreted after an orgasm.

The couple therapy doctor said through the platform of this application that sex is an adult game. It should be fun and recreational. It should make you laugh and release all those delightful endorphins. An essential ingredient is a sense of humor for quality sex.


3. Desire: This application will remind you of the famous “kiss, truth and daring”, since it consists of several categories: sweet love, costumes, roles, fantasy, postures, etc. Within each one, you will have to choose one of the challenges that it offers you, for example "I challenge you to put me on a hundred with just kisses on the neck" or "I accompany you shopping, but I challenge you to touch me while we wait on the line of the box”. Willing?

The adventure does not end there because if you like to be creative, the app gives you the possibility to create your own challenges and share them online with other users.

It is a way to get out of the monotony and recover that sexual desire for your partner that you had a long time ago, but that you left lost somewhere along the way.

4. 3Fun: Wanting to have a threesome? If what you want is to find liberal relationships, specifically make a threesome, this is the app you are looking for. This application allows you to try something different in your intimate relationships and is only suitable for daring, single and open-minded people.


5. Ashley Madison: It is one of the best known and controversial in the technological world. It is a place where you advertise if you are married, but you want to have an adventure. Who enters looks for an online flirt, something casual and discreet. It is fast, effective and allows you to find the type of relationship you are looking for.

It is an application that has no cost, but use its functions if you are a girl (or) committed, because it calls itself the app of the infidels because it contacts you with people who are willing to commit infidelity. This app is of another level!

6. iKamasutra: Find out more than 20 million people who already have it on their mobile devices rejoice! It turns out to be an illustrated guide of infinity of postures, with practical and fun tips, and on the other hand it also allows you to be a great task organizer for making favorite postures and you want to make it happen.

Among the more than 100 sexual positions that you propose, it is very possible that you will find those that make you reach orgasm faster or even those in which you perceive that your boy's level of arousal is even higher than with others. Go ahead, you have little to lose and much to gain!


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