6 Things A Mature Woman Does When Her Partner Does Not Answer WhatsApp Messages

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6 Things A Mature Woman Does When Her Partner Does Not Answer WhatsApp Messages
6 Things A Mature Woman Does When Her Partner Does Not Answer WhatsApp Messages

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The two blue popcorn are the evidence that he read your WhatsApp message and left you unanswered. The uncertainty is even greater when you are hardly knowing that boy you wrote to. However, a mature woman must react with momentum regardless of whether that man is her boyfriend, her husband or her entitled friend.

This type of situation is very common to happen and it has surely happened to you sometime in life, but it does not take away the obvious meaning of what is happening. You don't have to think about it a lot to realize that if he doesn't answer your WhatsApp messages it is for two reasons: Either because he doesn't have time or because he doesn't want to. It's that simple!

Now, how does a mature woman react when a man does not answer her WhatsApp messages? Find out if you are one of her and if you usually act correctly!


1.Don't harass

If you are in love, your wits run out even through your pores and as a Latin woman you define yourself as a quite affectionate girl who thinks twice to write your boy an early morning "good morning, I hope you do well in your work”or“I woke up thinking of you and I wanted to tell you that I want to see you”. If by sending messages like these or others and he does not answer you, do not harass. You know that there are always moments that sooner or later will give you a chance to answer. You are the type of girl who lets things flow without imposing or pressuring her to express something she may not feel or be born with.

2. You don't claim

Much less if he is not even your boyfriend! For you, this type of behavior helps you not lose control because you know that it is not that he does not want to be by your side, but that he is governed by other times very different from yours. If he does not answer your messages in 10, 15 or 30 minutes after sending it, you give him the benefit of the doubt that he is in a business meeting, on a phone call or solving an office problem.

3. You don't allow anxiety to dominate you

Whoever attracts you or already loves you does not assure you that the other person feels the need to be in communication with you all day, but that does not define their true feelings either. You are so sure of yourself that you do not allow anxiety to dominate your thoughts, making you believe that perhaps there is someone or something more important than you, that the work is more relevant to him … You allow him to adapt to you and you to him.

4. Don't force love

Forcing the other to behave as you want is not the style of a mature woman like you. Forcing a relationship only leads to the other person feeling harassed, persecuted, and uncomfortable.

5. You don't see if it's online every 2 minutes

How is it possible that you are online not answer me? Or how do you explain that you were online, saw my message and did not have the decency to write to me?

Social networks have come to simplify life, but also to complicate it. And it is not that they are themselves responsible for the couple's discussions or separations, it is the way you use it.

The psychologist María Mas explained through En Pareja that it is not that technology generates anxiety, but that it is part of people's insecurity.

"When you have a relationship, attachment is a function that makes you relate to the other, it is something that unites you, an emotional bond, attachment affects your behavior both in person face to face, as well as behind a monitor or a cell phone, like when you send a message and after hours they don't answer you”, he comments.

Since you know that WhatsApp has the ability to destroy your relationship, you avoid being aware of when it connects.

6. You show how mature you are

If that boy you share your life with has more than proven that he cares about you, why would he make you hesitate? Being sure of who is next to you shows your security and understanding. You do it from the psychological and not the emotional point.

As an anonymous phrase says: "If something is for you, you don't need to chase it."

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