See Why Fighting With Your Partner Makes You Fat

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See Why Fighting With Your Partner Makes You Fat
See Why Fighting With Your Partner Makes You Fat

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Arguing with your partner does make you fat! It turns out that research from the Institute of Behavioral Medicine at Ohio University and the University of Delaware, United States, ensures that when you argue with your partner you are at risk of obesity because it increases the history of depression, which alters the How your body processes high fat foods, which causes fat to accumulate in different areas such as the belly.

To reach this conclusion, the researchers analyzed 42 couples between the ages of 24 and 61, married and with a 3-year relationship. To achieve the results, everyone took a menu consisting of eggs, turkey sausages, crackers, and gravy that made up 930 calories and 60 grams of fat. Two hours later they were presented with a series of susceptible issues that could end up in conflict for them to debate.

Ultimately, the couples who were most hostile to the discussions burned an average of 31 fewer calories per hour and had an average of 12% more insulin in their blood than calmer people. There was also a higher rise in triglycerides.

Also, when you argue with your boyfriend or husband, your body automatically produces ghrelin, a hormone that causes hunger to break loose; that is, you run to the fridge or your cupboard for snacks, cake, pizza, or other high-calorie food.

Love makes you fat

I don't know if you have noticed, but when you have a partner you usually gain weight. Have you noticed Being in love is wonderful, but love makes you fat and if that bond is very strong, the more kilos you gain, affirms the National Center for Information Biotechnology that carried out an experiment among 169 American couples.

It is all because, according to research author Sarah Novak, the priority of being attractive to the other is lost over time. Even after walking to the altar and becoming a married woman, specifically before the age of 28, it takes you to gain up to 8.8 pounds (4 kilos) more than singles of the same age in the subsequent five years. In this way, if you are newly married, you will gain almost 24.2 pounds (11 kilos) and your partner up to 29.9 pounds (13.6 kilos).

The reasons why you gain weight as a couple is because you enter a period of intense infatuation, fights and pregnancy.

“The diet ends up being the same, and both are encouraged to eat more and move less. People who move really must control their weight because they can become obese and that damages self-esteem and damages relationships, "explained Catherine Hankey through El Confidencial.

When your relationship is stable, the desire to snack in the afternoon increases and even after dinner you feel like ordering a hamburger, Chinese food or even pizza. And you transmit that craving to your boy. It is very normal!

Tell us, have you gained weight since you have a relationship with him? We do!

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