What Does It Mean To Dream About Sex? A Sexologist Responds

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What Does It Mean To Dream About Sex? A Sexologist Responds
What Does It Mean To Dream About Sex? A Sexologist Responds

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Maybe it happened to you that you wake up in the morning and remember that you had a dream in which you had sex. At that moment, you get anxious and you get anxious to know what it means. You immediately go to Google and type: What it means to dream about sex.

As we are also curious, Siempre Mujer went to sexologist and couples therapist Edison Pazmiño, who clarified for us why this happens to you and even why sometimes you dream of making love with a man who is not your partner. Has it happened to you?

Dr. Pazmiño, why is it that sometimes we have dreams in which we have sex?

If you have noticed, sometimes you have more dreams of this type in some times than in others. True? You have more dreams with more sexual content when you have a low frequency of sexual relations or with the number of times you stimulate yourself. If, on the other hand, you do not make love and you do not masturbate, you have a lot of sexual desire and since it is not being channeled, it somehow appears while you sleep. In the case of men, they even have wet dreams. When they wake up, they realize that they have ejaculated. Women even feel orgasms and wake up very lubricated.

Are there any reasons that increase the amount of sex dreams I have?

There are different psychological currents; For example, according to Freud, our dreams are representations of activities that we do not carry out on a daily basis.

The causes have a lot to do with how much you think about sex, how much connection or influence you give to the subject and if you are in constant contact with material such as sex toys, movies with erotic content, among others.

And why do I sometimes dream that I have sex with another boy who is not my partner?

The content of your dreams does not represent any type of pathology because you are not aware of the representations that appear in dreams. You can dream of actors, singers, ex-boyfriends, your best friend's husband… You don't have to give this much thought because it is just a dream. That it comes true is something else and you don't have to interpret it differently.

The recommendation that I give you is that if you have a dream that suddenly is not to your liking, do not take it personally, because they are representations that often have nothing to do with reality and are not worth distressing. If you had a good time during the dream, enjoy it. If you didn't like it, erase it from your mind.

If there are repressed sexual behaviors, seek help from a specialist so that you can manage a full, healthy and satisfying sex life.

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How many times a week do you have to have sex according to your age?

Other meanings of dreaming about sex

Psychologist Lauri Loewenberg explained through the website Su Medico that most dreams represent a desire for psychological union with that person. For example, making love with your ex-boyfriend does not mean that you miss her, but it is a way of remembering her because within you there is still passion.

If, on the contrary, the protagonist is one of your friends, but he does not move you the floor - you are not interested in the love plane - perhaps it is a sign that you connected in a deeper way.

And if it is with a stranger, they are related to the qualities that you associate with that man. For example, the mystery man represents masculine traits that appeal to you; for example, the way he leads his professional life, the way he listens to you and of course, his physical attraction. Nothing despicable!

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