8 WhatsApp Messages That A Married Woman Should NEVER Send

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8 WhatsApp Messages That A Married Woman Should NEVER Send
8 WhatsApp Messages That A Married Woman Should NEVER Send

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What are those messages that a married woman should NEVER send by WhatsApp?

Ok, you must accept that being a girlfriend is not the same as being a married woman. When you decide to take that step to "serious life", your life changes completely. Make a commitment!

It is normal that at some point in your relationship you do not feel completely satisfied, but from there to cross that thin line of respect and send provocative messages to another boy, is something else. As an old saying goes: "Do not do what you would not like …".

If you are a married girl, avoid sending these types of messages, but also very careful if it is your husband who is receiving them and you find out that a committed woman writes them.


1. "He doesn't listen to me"

If your relationship does not happen at a good time -which happens to all of us-, why don't you talk about it directly with him? With your husband, she is the only one with whom you can find a solution to your need.

Sometimes your mom, friend, mother-in-law, much less someone else, are the right ones to ask for advice because depending on the bond that binds you to them, you create an erroneous reputation for your husband and he lends himself to more.

2. "My husband doesn't touch me anymore"

With this type of messages via WhatsApp, the only thing you express is that you are looking for sex. If you don't want to communicate this kind of thing, keep your privacy private. If you want to turn your sex life around to make it more entertaining and exciting, look for ways to "spice it up"; for example, practicing sexting. When your husband gets home, she wants to make all your words come true.

3. "With that shirt you look gorgeous"

Out of respect, you should NEVER speak to a man with that kind of comment, unless it's your dad or your brother. Imagine just how you would feel if by "mistake" you read a message of these on your boy's mobile sent to another woman.

4. "What if we go out one day and …?"

Do not play with fire, you are in danger of burning yourself. With these types of spaces, the only thing you can do is open the door to an adventure with someone who is not your husband.

For some people, having sex implies infidelity, while for others, emotional intimacy is already treason.

Psychotherapist Esther Perel stated through the BBC that compared to the 90s, women cheat 40% more, while the numbers of men remain.

In fact, most of the 40 women he interviewed to write his book The secret life of the cheating wife: power, pragmatism, and pleasure (claimed to have deceived their partners after "spending years or decades without sex or without having their sexual needs met."

5. "I'm bored"

The only thing you imply is that you are willing to meet him, that you will accept his way of having fun and why not? Let everything flow.

Remember that in this life everything comes back and it is not to disappoint you, but do not believe in false expectations of this type of relationship either because if the other person is capable of getting involved with a married woman, what guarantees that he is capable of something serious?

6. "I just don't love him anymore"

If you are no longer happy with him, tell him. Do not wait any longer or bitter your days to be with a man whom you no longer love. Start there and don't disclose your feelings. When you do, you will have the clearest picture of what you want for your life.

7. "I continue with him only for my children"

The lecturer and writer César Lozano explains through his website that there are three essential factors that should not be missing in a relationship: commitment, attraction and respect.

Although it does not promote divorce, it ensures that if that coexistence with your husband has been replaced by hostility, intolerance, there are disrespects and aggressions that no matter how hard you try, you can no longer hide from your children, do not force them to endure their differences.

8. "I am alone"

These types of messages are provided for the other to take advantage of the opportunity and knock on the door in a matter of the next hour, a situation that should not happen if you are married, much less being at home. Or if?

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