What Is The Best Day To Have Sex?

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What Is The Best Day To Have Sex?
What Is The Best Day To Have Sex?

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In a gathering of friends, it is common to listen, comment and discuss how many times a week it is healthy to have sex with your boy. Some will say four, others three and even others only one. In the variety is the taste and you know it.

Although sex is not measured by quantity but by quality, there are multiple reasons that prevent couples from having sex regularly. For this reason, many of them ask themselves: Is there a certain amount to satisfy myself and my partner?

The Center for University Studies of Women and the University of Salamanca affirm that the frequency is agreed between the two, thus the relationship will be more stable.

So what is the perfect day?

The London School of Economics and Political Science conducted an investigation and determined that the best day of the week to have sex is THURSDAY.

Why? According to researchers, Thursday is the day the body produces the most active sex hormones. In fact, they recommend having sex first thing in the morning, as libido reaches its highest peak; that is, your boy's testosterone is at its maximum level and the amount of your estrogens multiplies by five.

In the study, all couples are recommended to review positions such as the Kamasutra from the morning. And of course it could not be left aside knowing what is the worst day to get under the covers. Scientists determined that TUESDAY. Furthermore, the results of this research also indicate that Wednesday and Thursday are the most productive days at work, and the happiest days of the week.

Sexual positions in the shower

If you need to go to work, but before you want to be with your boy, these are some positions that will help you save time and pleasure before going to the office.

1- surprise

Before you take a shower with your partner, be sure to put on a non-slip mat. If you don't have a towel it will do that function without any problem. Also, do not forget the lubricant against water. Stand up while your boy is behind you. You will lean against the wall, while leaning a little.

2. Puppy

This position is one of the most exciting for men. It is ideal for places with little space. You will have to get down on your knees while he penetrates you from behind.

3. hug

You will love it under your shower. He will take care of hugging you as he climbs you to penetrate you. You will hug his body with your legs. Here water is not necessary for intercourse. Of course, be careful because they can slip with the soap that is on the floor.

Keep in mind that this research concluded what is the best day to have sex and not how much. People with an active sex life are:

- More attractive and happy.

- They stay in shape.

- Your stress is greatly reduced.

- Your heart becomes healthier.

- Having sex relieves headache pain.

- Reduces vaginal dryness.

- And not to mention how relaxed you are at bedtime.

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