The 4 Stages Of Love Explained By Experts. What Is Yours?

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The 4 Stages Of Love Explained By Experts. What Is Yours?
The 4 Stages Of Love Explained By Experts. What Is Yours?

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Feeling attractive is not the same as loving. When you are attracted, you only notice her cute smile, her elegant way of dressing or the rich smell of her perfume. If you seriously fall in love, the time comes when you feel the need to protect and care for your boy. How to know what stage of love I am in my relationship? Experts help you figure it out. You will agree that 1 and 2 are extremely exciting to such an extent that they generate butterflies in your stomach, but 3 and 4 generate stability!



It is one of the most exciting stages of love! It is the one in which glances go and glances come, are those days when even after having been together all day or gone to dinner you have -he also- the need to continue talking, at least through WhatsApp and if you think not the intensity is great, you call it.

If, on the other hand, you have not yet crossed a "hello" with it, you will have no explanation of why your body strains, your heart beats a thousand per hour and the palms of your hands are like ice cubes or you sweat every time you see it.

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Although so far you have no explanation of why your body reacts in such a particular way, experts do. These instant responses are called CHEMISTRY, and they help you realize that this mysterious, handsome man you like so much clicks with you. It is the first sign that there could be a connection in the future.

However, the smile that settles on your face with just thinking about it and the emotion you feel does not go beyond attraction. Everything happens because of that curiosity you feel to know more about him and find out if you are also attracted to him. It is never love!

2. Dating

Could he be inviting me out? The first date is extremely exciting because it does not only mean choosing the right outfit and perfume, it is having that perfect opportunity to learn a little more.

During this process you release hormones such as dopamine, related to the expression of emotions and oxytocin, also called love hormone because it is directly linked to that empathy you feel for the other person and the pleasure of sex. In the case of the boy with whom you date, they release dopamine, vasopressin, generate sexual and social bonds and testosterone, capable of making him feel good, with energy and with sexual desire.

The love crush occurs if all those hormones align and that's when you realize that you are 100% in love and that you are ready to take the next step.

3. Infatuation

You realize that you are because it is difficult for you to sleep. And why can't I? Several investigations in Italy found that your hormones go below normal levels, causing insomnia.

It turns out that the stress hormone rises to the maximum while that of happiness decreases, despite the fact that it is the moment when you feel the happiest. This happens because the area of ​​the brain that tells you that your hormone levels are out of control goes into off mode. But not only that, in these days when you literally walk through the clouds of how crushed you are, you do not have the ability to look at your boy as he is because, according to studies carried out in London, part of the brain that judges you You and other people are also disabled.

4. True love

Falling in love is a dangerous business; however, if love is true you do not have to fear.

At this moment the infatuation stage ends - unfortunately for everyone - but it is just at the stage in which your body enters into stability. You go back to your judgment and that is when the most fights, arguments and breakups occur. However, if it is real love you will realize because you minimize the importance of differences and believe more in how good you spend with him and how happy he makes you.

Your brain is busier, yes, but in a relationship in which there is respect, tolerance and, above all, unconditional love.

Finally … something very important for these stages of love to work, it is necessary to follow 8 basic tips: Say "thank you" and "we", share the housework, spend time for your relationship, apply the 5: 1 rule; that is, for each negative expression, you or he must say five positive things about the other, not stay away from friends, try new positions and places when making love and paying attention to him.

And you, what stage are you in? What has been the most intense and interesting?

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