5 Rituals To Awaken Your Partner's Sexual Desire

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5 Rituals To Awaken Your Partner's Sexual Desire
5 Rituals To Awaken Your Partner's Sexual Desire

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Night came and for the tenth time he went to bed, gave you a little peck kiss, turned and fell into Morpheus arms. The worst thing of all is that in less than two minutes he is snoring and you were left with the desire again. So what should you do to encourage your sexual desire? The answer is not so complex, apply the following rituals:


1. Change your bed with red sheets

Accept it, making love on a hotel bed is rewarding and even restorative, so it is necessary for yours to meet those quality standards in terms of comfort. In addition to that, dress her in red sheets, hopefully silk or cotton with 300 threads or more.

It is proven, according to feng shui, that with this type of fabric, energy and passion flow, while the color red has the power to make sexual energy flow and "inject" INTENSITY into your sex life.

2. Potion of Eros

Astrologer Diana explained through Huffingtonpost that love and passion go hand in hand. Many times you suffer and remain silent because the person to whom you have deposited your feelings does not measure up in bed with the intensity that you need, which causes frustration and even anger. True?

You and he have different ways of expressing love and even the libido may not coincide for some days, knowing this it is possible that your relationship runs the risk of deteriorating and ending time.

To avoid this, the astrologer recommends that you follow the recipe for Potion of Eros, one of the Greek gods responsible for sexual attraction, love and desire.

Doing it is simple and has two parts: The first is a purifying bath and its purpose is to free the body and soul from negative energy. Taking a bath that excites you so much is not a bad idea! Preferably it is good that you do it on a Friday with a crescent moon.

To consummate the ritual, you need 3 red candles and 3 night queen incense sticks. Turn them on like you usually do.

Preparation: Heat two glasses of sweet red wine, color linked with seduction, in a saucepan and add half a glass of orange liqueur. Stir with a wooden spoon and over low heat. As you do so, keep your partner in mind and ask Eros to facilitate that love encounter that you long for full of passion and sexual desire.

Take it off the heat before it boils. Once it's at room temperature, pour a glass for your boy and one for yourself. Don't forget to add nutmeg before drinking it! This food is known to be a powerful aphrodisiac. Now they are ready for ACTION.

3. Cocktail of rose petals and mint

Stimulating your partner's sexual desire is always a challenge that involves creativity and subtlety, since you don't want him to realize your beliefs by "magic". To do this, prepare a cocktail in which you need:

Pinch of fresh rosemary

  • Pinch of thyme
  • 2 teaspoons of black tea
  • 3 fresh mint leaves
  • 5 fresh rose petals
  • 3 pinches of nutmeg
  • 3 pieces of orange peel

Preparation: In a container boil 3 cups of water and then place all these ingredients. Let stand for 3 minutes and serve your aphrodisiac cocktail. If necessary, sweeten with honey. Do it at any time and day and get ready to enjoy its excellent results!

4. Put flowers

The scents stimulate sexual desire. Just remember that feeling of falling into your arms when you perceive that your boy put on the perfume you love so much. To eat it! The same thing happens with smells like roses, lavender, vanilla, orange, jasmine and cinnamon.

What happens is that, for example, placing rose incense inside your house or room works as a symbol of love because its soft smell is seductive. For its part, lavender is relaxing, reduces stress and anxiety according to a study by the Foundation for the Treatment and Investigation of the senses of smell and taste in Chicago. What's more, mixing this aroma with pumpkin manages to increase the blood flow of your boy's intimate area by up to 40%. Wao!

5. Take out the television

Have you noticed that you have less sex since you let this intruder into your room? Girls, the fact that they take the TV out of the room will make them have more sex, assured a study published for 20 minutes and carried out by sexologist Serella Salomoni.

"If there is no television set in the bedroom, the frequency of intercourse doubles," explains Salomoni, whose team of psychologists interviewed 523 couples to find out the effects television has on sex life.

The investigation revealed that those couples who DO NOT have a TV in front of their beds have up to 8 sexual encounters; that is, they make love 2 times a week. However, that number is cut in half if you have this device in your room. And you, what do you prefer? We say "bye" to TV!

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