What Will Happen To You In Love In 2019, According To The Horoscope

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What Will Happen To You In Love In 2019, According To The Horoscope
What Will Happen To You In Love In 2019, According To The Horoscope

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You will be too anxious to know what the horoscope in love has prepared for you in 2019. Right now we tell you if an old boyfriend with whom you have been in love all your life returns, if the love of your life you will meet him on a trip that you will make alone or if it is time to move to "serious life" dressed as a bride. Everything can happen to you!


Get ready because during this 2019 couple stability will knock on your door. It is what you have been looking for for a long time and your boy, although previously he was not so convinced of wanting to formalize, you have given him the security to convince himself that you are the "perfect" woman.

In case you still don't have a boyfriend, don't worry that in the third quarter of the year you will run into a man who from the beginning will make you feel butterflies in your stomach.


Open your heart to a man who does not fit your list of requirements, because although they are like water and oil, it is you who complements you, makes you laugh and feel very happy.

If you have been in a relationship in the last few months, prepare yourself because the change will be abrupt. The impulses dominated you during 2018 and you will have to stop doing it because you are depriving your boyfriend or husband of security and freedom, which will endanger coexistence. If you get married between April 1 and 24, your life will be blessed with comfort and a lot of sexuality.


If you are a Gemini, this year you will experience moderate changes in love. Stability will prevail to such an extent that you will feel stagnant and you will be obliged to ask your boy to do something to get out of the monotony, because although you are sure that you love him, you feel that if they do not give themselves the opportunity to renew everything that love will fade away.

If, on the other hand, you are still single, you will have some love affairs, but nothing too important.


You will have a fantastic year in love because the moon comes charged with healing energy for you. It will make you enjoy your boy or overcome past relationships.

According to astrologer Rafaela Vilchez, if you are still waiting for that man who is the one of your dreams, you will be given to avoiding relationships with close friends to make way for love at first sight.



You will be the most benefited among the girls of the horoscope, which will allow you to enjoy romance and passion.

If you start the year as a single, meet, go out and have fun because in the fall you will come face to face with the boy who will steal your heart when you attend a work celebration.


You are one of the women who does not like long-term commitments, but convinced that you are old enough to formalize and establish yourself as a new family, you will go live with him to try to realize if, once married, it will work.

Mercury will feed your most passionate and detailed side, so you will become a great party and many will want to go out with you, but only one will be the privileged one.


Measure your temperament and maintain better communication with your partner, who does not explain why if the relationship is stronger than ever you insist on generating conflict. Watch out!

If the love of couple has not come, you should not obsess. Your ideal love will come this year when you are least aware. First you will see that boy as a friend, but one night after having fun with him you will take the initiative, you will kiss him and that kiss will be answered differently. Both of you will notice.


The first quarter of the year will bring significant changes to your love life, but all positive. At the end of the year you will be forced to resort to passion to get your relationship out of torpor. Time to put your creativity to work!

Being single is still not a bad thing because you will live adventures that NEVER before a man had made you live and that will make you dream like a girl. It is a year in which you close old emotional wounds and that prevented you from committing to another person. You will meet that boy through social networks.



The first six months of the year will be protagonists in your relationship. Sure, you are right to feel them because an old friend of your boyfriend or husband has reappeared and you have noticed it a little differently. Even distant!

It is important that you value what you long for in love and go in search of the ideal partner. It will be a year in which you will meet many, you will get too involved in social networks, but in October by chance an old boyfriend with whom you have always been in love will look for you again and will make you remember your priorities in love.


After a busy couple of years, you'll finally feel like your relationship has reached the point of peace and quiet. You feel they deserve it! As we explain, love has 4 stages and if they overcome the first three, it is possible that it will last for a long time. That change will make life with him different and will be for the better.

If you start the year single and on order because you have rejected men who are not worth it or do not match your expectations, this 2019 you will continue to feel that mistrust. This will be a very social period for you, so you will give space to work and family activities. Your future is not in the city you live in, but in another. You will meet him during a trip that you will go alone.


This year the ups and downs will be daily bread, but your analytical skills and charisma will help you overcome any adverse situation because your priority is your relationship with that boy with whom you have shared your last 10 years.


The balance that you will achieve in your work, health, money and family will be reflected in one of the most important aspects for you: life as a couple.

If you are single, you will have months of many illusions, you will meet professional, interesting and gentlemen boys, you will fall in love with one of them and everything will flow. It will be in autumn that both decide to take their relationship to formality and start a solid, strong and above all passionate courtship. What a thrill!


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