13 Things Women Need To Know About Sex

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13 Things Women Need To Know About Sex
13 Things Women Need To Know About Sex

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Sexual intercourse begins from the moment one (or both) feels invaded by desire. Then come the consequent actions, the advances and setbacks that make up the beautiful dance of courtship.

Enthusiasm is essential when starting a sexual relationship. And kisses, too. At least that's how the sexologist and dating and relationship expert Tracey Cox highlighted them on the Daily Mail portal.

Here are the 13 things that every woman should know about sex if she is just starting out in these “leagues”.

1. First orgasm

ALL women will feel their first orgasm for themselves. According to Cox, few girls will be lucky enough to find a patient and skilled man who can teach them to know their erogenous zones, as well as what he likes.

2. Vibrator

These types of tools are ideal for stimulating the clitoris quickly, easily and effectively. eye! This does not mean that you will need one to reach the top always. When you get a person who loves and loves you, you will have pleasant sexual relations.

3. Climax

The sexologist affirms that only 20% of women reach orgasm from sexual intercourse. She even thinks that if you are not good at kissing, you will be under the covers. What do you think?

4. Serious relationship

When you just start having sex, the chance that you will continue with that guy is unlikely. For this reason, the specialist who mentions these 13 facts advises you to stop pretending like couples in movies. Of course, it says the following: "A good kiss could be a sign that the sexual relationship will be a complete success."

5. Will a threesome turn out well?

If you want to make this fantasy come true, Cox recommends doing it but with people you DO NOT love. After listening and consulting her patients, the expert has concluded that when it is done with people you love, jealousy and insecurity appear.

6. Try new things

If the guy you're dating or just having sex with wants to experience new things, it doesn't mean he's bored.

“It is hard enough making love with the same person for the rest of life. If on top of that, there is no variety, all the magic will be lost,” says Cox.

7. Everything enters through the eyes

You have to know that men are very visual. They like to see you wearing lingerie and even having sex toys during encounters. That's why they watch pornography regularly.

8. Stop worrying about your weight

If you are a woman with curves, thin or very thin, stop mortifying yourself. That boy looks hot on you.

"Being sexy is a state of mind, not a body size," says the sexologist.

9. Men don't always get erections

Just as you read it. The reasons why they do not always ejaculate are varied. Among them are stress, alcohol consumption, fatigue, among others. Your boy does not always need his penis to be erect to have a good time with you. And in most women, the best orgasm comes from oral sex.

10. Love

Some men express their need for affection through sexual intercourse. I mean, they want to get closer to their girl but they don't know how to do it. For them, having sex is a "manly" way of feeling loved.

11. Say what you like and what you don't

The mouth is great for many things, including stimulating certain parts of the body … But the best use you can make of it is to express to him the things that excite you and those that don't, in bed.

12. Do I take the initiative?

If it is not the first time you are with him, why not? Girls like you are determined and self-confident.

13. Do you feel bad after sex?

The specialist says that if you feel this way, it is because you slept with the wrong man.

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