How To Start A Relationship With A Man Who Has Children

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How To Start A Relationship With A Man Who Has Children
How To Start A Relationship With A Man Who Has Children

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How can I have a beautiful relationship with a man who already has children?

Venturing into a love relationship with a person with a tremendous commitment to raising and educating your child (ren) is not for everyone. It is not bad that you fall in love with one of them, it is necessary that without adding pressure to your life, values ​​if the fact that your partner has children will be very heavy and if in the end you can control it or not.

If you decide to continue, you must understand that he is different from you, he has a high sense of responsibility, he prioritizes everything, he leads a different rhythm of life from yours and something very important - a little painful, but real - to value: Maybe you will never be the center of his life.

To support you at this stage of your life, we put some truths on the table for you to take into account when starting a relationship with a man who already has children.

1. Keep in mind that for him there are no moments like: "It is the first time that …"

That boy has already gone through important moments in his life with someone else and as a mature woman you will understand. Although he raised his family in the past, if you and he are convinced that they understand each other well, are emotionally and physically attracted, they will be challenged to write THEIR STORY on a white sheet book.

Make him understand, yes, that there must be a balance in the time he shares with his child (ren), but that does not mean that your purpose is to remove him from their lives. What you want is for her to spend quality time with you because they both deserve it.

2. There is no time for fights

The day of some of the men who have children is based on working, going through the children to school on their day, having them at home, sleeping with them … Or calling them during the day or night when they are traveling. In other cases, they have them throughout the weekend because they agreed with their ex-partner.

If you date any of them, you will know that their time is limited between work and care. If they have had any discussions, you may have noticed that he focuses on what is important to him and downplays the fight. If he behaves like this with you, he has to learn to value more what they have because, just as in a relationship there are arguments for differences, there are other more serious ones that require time to talk. True?

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3. You will always have contact with your ex

It's obvious! And you will continue to see or talk to her, even if it is on the phone, because they have something in common. Do not oppose them both, your mission since you met him should not change and is to be understanding and tolerant. We know that jealousy appears because you don't like that "need" to be in constant contact; However, if their relationship has already ended, it is because he was not happy. Yes it is being with you.

4. Your children are your center of attention

A few months ago I heard my friend Sol say that going out or having a relationship with a man who was a father is very complex because he is always busy, tired and his son (s) are his priority.

From the age of 15, when she became interested in the opposite sex, she promised herself not even to accept a date with a man who was a father. As time passed and matured, she broke that promise when she ran into an extremely intelligent man, educated, very handsome and delivered to her children who caught her attention. At that moment she decided to try it. Why not? After dating a couple of times and talking on WhatsApp for a year, that beautiful friendship -which was more than that- became something more serious and now he is her boyfriend.

If you love the boy you date, but he is very devoted to his little ones, he will let you know. You have two options: Understand and learn to live without feeling displaced or analyze well the option of whether continuing with it does not waste your time.

5. He is very responsible and that says a lot about him

Accept that this person with whom you leave one of the main virtues that attract you is their responsibility. The fact that he assumes there are bills to pay and last-minute emergencies speaks volumes about him. It is an aspect that you value if you see that your relationship has a future.

6. With your children you have two ways: that they hate you or love you

If you like that guy you date, it attracts you, they are pure dynamite in bed and you love their manly and chivalrous personality, you will find a way to win your heart with love, maturity, wisdom and a detail from time to time to that person who is so important to him. You should not make children understand that you will "steal" what is theirs and that you can become a very good friend without playing with their feelings. Just because they're small doesn't mean they don't perceive what you do.

Now, we ask you: Can you have a relationship with a man who has children?

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