Why Do Women Change Their Look When They End A Relationship

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Why Do Women Change Their Look When They End A Relationship
Why Do Women Change Their Look When They End A Relationship

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When you end up with your boyfriend or divorce, and after overcoming the grief stage, you usually believe that the next step you have to take is to change the look of your hair. True?

Renewing your image after a love break is a way to raise your spirits and self-esteem because for you, your hair is an indispensable part of your personal image because it helps you to mark stages, to say goodbye to them and welcome those who are new, psychologists say.


A hair change is probably the biggest cliché of a broken heart and even this decision has been coined by an English term breakup haircut that translates to breakup haircut.

One of the celebrities who joined in changing her look was Ariadna Grande when she ended her relationship with Pete Davidson the year before. At that time she got rid of her long ponytail and opted for a cute midi cut as seen in this photo posted on her Instagram account.

“Long hair is old hair, so it means literally cutting back on the past. You also physically make a difference in front of others and send a message that you are renewing yourself, in addition to helping you to have control of your life,”explained the psychologist Jara Pérez during an interview with the newspaper El País.

For her part, Luz Alvira, an expert in couples counseling, commented through the portal A new day that the fact that you change your haircut or color is not an impulse or a feminine outburst, but rather a trend.

“If they have long hair, they cut it or make highlights they look more modern. They also go to the gym, change the way they put on makeup and even the way they dress, "she said.

The clinical psychologist Lissette Acevedo agrees with Alvira to such an extent that she pointed out that "it is evident when a person enters the market again." While he also shares that it is normal that a girl does not want to always look the same and alter her way of projecting herself, but it does not imply that she retaliates but rather a way of overcoming herself emotionally, mentally and socially. It is a positive way to find yourself, value yourself and excel.

Infidelity drives more change of look

Experts have observed that women who have suffered an infidelity tend more to this renewal than those who have decided to end their relationship because there is no longer love or they fell into monotony. It works for them as a physical and spiritual transformation.

Other types of girls prefer to turn the page with their ex on long trips or are more engaged in exercise. Regardless of the decision, it is recommended that women do not convert these types of activities as an excuse for not facing problems.

In the case of men, how do they assume a love break?

Do not think that we only bet on a change of appearance, they also do. Their style is more standard and less noticeable because they focus more on exercise, go out to have more fun or change their entire wardrobe for more youthful or elegant clothes.


Keep in mind that if you go through a love break, it is synonymous with the end of a stage, not your life. Make the necessary adjustments to feel full, more beautiful and move on!

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