6 WhatsApp Messages That Ruin Your Relationship In Seconds

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6 WhatsApp Messages That Ruin Your Relationship In Seconds
6 WhatsApp Messages That Ruin Your Relationship In Seconds

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Although WhatsApp came to change your life, it is also responsible for ruining your relationship if you send these messages. We tell you what they are so that when you write them, you back off.


1.A solitary "OK"

It applies when your boy has sent you a message with a tremendous explanation of why he couldn't call you at 8 pm, as he promised, since he had not left a work meeting. Also when, due to a last minute inconvenience, he will not be able to attend your graduation or because he decided to stay home to take care of his mother because he is ill. If you answer with a single "ok", it will be taken as misunderstanding and even an offense.

2. Ask, "What are you doing?"

I ask you, what is the first message you like to receive from a boy? I don't think it's a dry "what are you doing?" When you write to a person on WhatsApp, the first thing you should do is say hello. It's basic! If you get to the point and ask what he is doing, he will think that you are tracking him and that you have already broken into his networks. If you are looking for a pretext to just talk to him, change your technique because it is not the most correct and what you will do is move it away if you are barely knowing him. If, on the other hand, he is already your partner, you run the risk that if you do it very often he will claim you.

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3. "I saw you online and you didn't answer me"

If you are a girl who checks your boy every two minutes online, WhatsApp is robbing you of tranquility, even worse if you claim that you sent him several messages and he does not answer you.

Don't let your phone become the worst enemy of your relationship because love is based on trust. If you send him a series of messages in a row, what you will cause is that he feels harassed, and with more reason he will not want to respond. If you do not see it online, it is obviously because right now you do not have your mobile close or you have it in silence.

Keep in mind that in 2012 the same company with the green icon revealed that those two blue popcorn don't always mean that the recipient read the message, so don't be anxious.


4. "Everything happens for something", "the interest that is only noticed at times does not work" …

Hints are not from mature women. When you publish these types of phrases in your WhatsApp status, not only your partner sees them, but all your contacts. If you have a difference with her, take your phone, find her contact and talk to her directly. No one has to find out that you have problems with it.

5. "Are you still talking to your ex?"

Such a delicate subject is not spoken by WhastApp. If you want to know if it really does, face it face to face. You know him well to know when he lies. If it is justified that "we are friends", assess whether it is wise to continue your relationship because you will be aware that he continues to be close to a person who is part of his intimate past.

6. “What are you doing awake at 2 am?

If you see that he is “online” at dawn and you send him this message, he will surely take it as being possessive. This is when your mother's advice not to do what you would not like to be done becomes relevant. Perhaps you would not like to be questioned your life with this type of messages because you consider that you are a free woman, he too. If you already notice that the situation is recurring, before discussing through a screen, facing it face to face is the right thing to do.

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