Valentine: 25 Love Phrases To Dedicate To Your Partner

Valentine: 25 Love Phrases To Dedicate To Your Partner
Valentine: 25 Love Phrases To Dedicate To Your Partner

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To succeed on Valentine's Day, a nice detail are the phrases that you can write to your partner on a card or by WhastApp this February 14. From this list that we have prepared, choose the option with which you identify the most and send it to them. When she sees you, she'll want to kiss you!


1. “You taught me that loving is not only saying it, but also demonstrating it. I send you a kiss that lasts for a few hours, while I can give it to you in person.”

2. “Despite the time we are together, you keep making my heart beat like the first time I saw you. I love you, never forget".

3. “You have filled my life with new illusions, with new hopes of being happy, you have brought light and color to my days and that is why I am hopelessly in love with you. Happy Valentine's Day, my love.”

4. “Yesterday you were part of my best dreams. Today you are part of my best reality. I love you!".

5. “I hope you like the surprise I have in store for you and that it is further proof of how much I am in love with you. Happy Valentines!".

6. "In case I forgot to tell you, in case you haven't heard it for a long time, in case you don't know or have doubts, in case you need to hear it or because yes, I LOVE YOU."

7. “There are those who appear out of nowhere and become everything. Happy Valentine's Day, handsome!

8. “You have your defects and I have mine; you have your whims, your doubts, your fears and I mine. The beautiful thing about our relationship is that we support each other, that we are in love and we make ourselves better by being united”.

9. “If there is something I have to be thankful for, it is that you are by my side and that you love me as much or more than I love you. Happy day, my life. "

10. “You are my engine, and that is why every day I fall more in love with your presence, and your absence also because I love you even when I don't see you. Happy Valentine's Day, my heaven. I love you".

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11. “We both share: our dreams, our laughter, our tears… My love for you is special, bigger and deeper every year. I love you! Happy Valentine's Day!".

12. “Loving you forever is not loving you for a long time, it is loving you for all moments.

13. “I liked you, I like you and you will continue to like me. Happy Valentine's Day, love!”

14. “My heart beats louder since the day I met you. I love you and I love you. Happy day baby".

15. "I love you and today more than ever I want to hug you and tell you how important you are to me, my dear friend, my love."

16. “I hope that together we form a beautiful family that is happy forever. I love you with all my life. Let's celebrate this day with a lot of love. Do you think my idea?

17. “I am in love with your intelligence, your way of being, the way you treat me, I hope that you will never change and that in time our love will be preserved forever. I love you and today I celebrate my happiness to be by your side”.

18. "Time only showed me that every day I can be more in love and I just want to tell you today that I love you and I will love you forever and I want to make you happy all your life."

19. “Love is a short word, but it says a lot, and it means more than anything in the world. I love you".

20. “Happiness has your name in my heart. I love you and I hope that today is a nice day to prove it to you”.

21. “The dream of my life was to find love and with you I fulfilled all my dreams. Happy Valentines".

22. “You came into my life without permission, making me forget the past and think only about the future. Thanks for being the way you are!".

23. “Someone as crazy as me needs a screw like you. Happy Valentines Day!".

24. "I love you not only for how you are, but for how I am when I am with you."

25. “Love is when you can be yourself with someone, and you just want to be yourself with that person. That happens to me with you and that's why I'm so happy by your side. Happy Valentine's Day".

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