Women Confirm What Their Favorite Sexual Positions Are

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Women Confirm What Their Favorite Sexual Positions Are
Women Confirm What Their Favorite Sexual Positions Are

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And what are those favorite sexual positions of women?

Girls like sex because through it we show love, we are physically attracted to the opposite sex, we feel secure in ourselves and we love the path that leads us to orgasm, revealed a survey carried out among more than 1000 women and made by Sex Place, a company dedicated to selling erotic toys.

Now, if we like making love so much, you have to know what are those positions that we like the most. Search this list if yours is there!


1.The deep

It is among the most popular because through it a more direct stimulation of the G point is achieved, since the penetration is total.

To execute it, you just have to lie on the bed, sofa or any other surface with your legs raised, you can place them on your boy's shoulders for greater comfort. In this position, he will have total freedom to penetrate you, so you only dedicate yourself to enjoy.

2. Andrómaca

This position is very pleasant because, when your boy is sitting with his legs stretched out, and you are on him, you have absolute control of the rhythm you want to give him at the moment. That feeling of power and closeness with your partner allows you to have a more intense orgasm.

The sexologist Valerie Tasso believes that she is one of the favorites of women because “in this position, the woman dominates the man and becomes her teacher of pleasure. It is she who imposes the rhythm because the man is totally defenseless. If she wants to stop, stop. If she wants deeper penetration, she has it. Send 100% ".

3. The surprise

And what a surprise! While both of you are standing, your boy from behind penetrates you grabbing you by the waist, while you lean forward. The pleasure is impressive for both him and you.

4. Teaspoon

It is one of the most fiery positions of the Kamasutra. The way to do it is by lying on your side, in this position your boy will be able to hug you from behind, generating an interesting encounter because his mouth will touch your neck; his chest, your back and his cool, your booty.

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To increase the level of excitement, the expert in sex toys Elsa Viegas recommends using a vibrator so that you stimulate yourself the clitoris while you practice the spoon. If it has an intermittent rhythm, it encourages you to put it in ON mode.

It is very popular with girls because helping you even with a pillow between your legs exerts the perfect pressure to stimulate your clitoris.

5. Doggy style or puppy

Not only men think that this posture is exciting, but women too, says an article on the portal sumédico.com. Its popularity is because a stimulation of the G-spot and the vaginal walls is achieved, while the clitoris is stimulated by your partner, who has completely free hands to caress your most erogenous areas, call yourself breasts, glutes and crotch.

6. The Amazon

The favorite of many! She is also known as the woman above. The way to test your efficiency is by placing yourself on your boy. You control the movement, rhythm and depth of penetration.

It is so popular because it fulfills all the erotic functions that a girl needs to express that she is satisfied with the sex life she leads. And it is comfortable and pleasant, in addition to that, according to experts in sexology, it is a posture that empowers any woman because it takes control, in addition to giving the opportunity to your partner to alternate penetration with stimulation of the clitoris. Your sexual satisfaction will increase from the moment you train the pelvic floor with Kegel exercises. See how to make them here.

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