9 "crazy" Things A Man Does When He Breaks Up With His Partner

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9 "crazy" Things A Man Does When He Breaks Up With His Partner
9 "crazy" Things A Man Does When He Breaks Up With His Partner

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Although he wants to be very brave, a man also suffers when he breaks up with his partner. In many cases his first reaction can be very positive, but over the days the pain begins to appear and he is able to do very “crazy” things when a relationship ends. Like which ones, to be prepared?

1.Humble yourself for your return

It saturates your phone with WhatsApp messages or calls you more often, trying to convince you to return. What's more, if he feels guilty because deep down he recognizes that he failed you, he is able to send flowers, chocolates or look for you wherever you are. He says that he feels sorry and that he acted incorrectly, trying to find a second or third opportunity to show you that he has “changed”.

2. Facebook stalks you

It harasses you through this social network to keep track of you at every step you take. This act is even masochistic because he has the need to find out if you are dating another boy or even to notice if someone unknown is giving your photos more like.

3. Try to bump into you "by chance"

He is the type of man who knows you so well that he dominates the places you frequent by "chance." When he ends the relationship, many times he will need to want to return, so if you do not answer his messages or request for opportunities, he will try to meet in bars, restaurants, movies or wherever. How insistent!

4. Wish you were unhappy

As it was he who abandoned you, you will want him to suffer and you will not want to see him even in painting. It doesn't even cross your mind to go back to a person who left the first time. As his pride is present, the last thing he wants is to see you happy, much less if that happiness is given by another boy.

5. Looking to sleep with another girl

His excuse is that he needs to forget, so he resorts to casual sex. If a boy loves you, he will try to solve the differences, he will NEVER try to hurt you. Or if?

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6. Renew your way of dressing and even start exercising to look more handsome

It is proven that when a woman ends a relationship, the first thing she does is change the look of her hair. They dye it or bet on a new cut. The form of "revenge" of them is different. They go to the gym and try to change their appearance to feel attractive and make you understand that it was you who lost.

7. Drink up to the water in the vase

He needs to drown his sorrows and, since he has several friends who like to drink, he joins them to toast the heartbreak as if after saying the hangover you were going to tell him that you are willing to return. With that behavior you won't even win!

8. Its playlist is composed by Ricardo Montaner, Ricardo Arjona … and all those songs of spite

Andrés Calamaro, Fito Páez, Enrique Bunbury, Soda Stereo, Los Hombre G … are past. His playlist is made up of love songs, spite songs… and he sings them at the top of his lungs in the bathroom, on the way to work or even at bedtime.

9. Invite your attractive friend out and upload photos

Yes, the one you were always jealous of. Now that he is single and, above all hurt, he gives himself the freedom to invite that girl out to, according to him, to achieve two objectives: the first, to see the possibility of an opportunity, and second, to see if you react and you realize what you are missing.

A man who really loves you fights, he shows it with intelligent acts … he doesn't do silly things to win you back.


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