Sex In Spring: Get Ready To Enjoy It Fully

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Sex In Spring: Get Ready To Enjoy It Fully
Sex In Spring: Get Ready To Enjoy It Fully

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Winter is practically over, and with the arrival of spring not only the plants bloom, but also our sexual desire. It seems that the warmth of the sun makes blood circulate better and flow more in our bodies and genitals and make us more predisposed to have sex.

Not only is that (or maybe that's why), we finally started to wear dresses without leggings, we showed more the legs, the arms, we felt more sensual and the flowers made us romantic.

Spring is, without a doubt, a season to have sex and even if you spent the winter well accompanied under the covers, this time of year is not to waste a minute.

How to prepare for more sex?

Get physically ready: Waxing is a must for this time of year, especially the legs. A good bikini wax or Brazilian wax does not come of more. Get a pedicure, even if it's homemade, put on masks and go ahead and let your hair down.

Change the sheets: This is the perfect time to put new sheets that invite you to enjoy your bed even more.

Smile, it's sexy: Although feeling sexy is something that has nothing to do with a particular season, if winter took away a bit of sensuality (with a red nose and watery eyes), now is the time to “flourish”. A smile can be the strongest weapon when it comes to conquest. Use it often.

Heels !: If something makes a woman feel sexy, it's a good pair of heels. After a winter of snow, ice, and dirty water everywhere, it's time to drop your boots and get into a pair of cleats to go on a conquest.

April showers: There is a saying that says "April with its showers, May continues with its flowers." Take advantage of a rainy afternoon in April to get romantic and spend an intense night that makes you flourish, without having to wait until May.

Try a new sport: Start once and for all that kind of swimming or yoga that you have been putting off since you made your New Year's resolutions. Being active will make you more attractive at the same time.

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Why do men want more sex in the spring?

Spring break: It's not just for students. Find a spring weekend to go on mini-vacations, even if it's to a place a few kilometers from your home. You will have experienced that when you go on vacation and routine, you relax, meet more people and in some cases end up having a spectacular night.

Whatever happens, always remember that sex is good for your physical and emotional health, but that you should take care of yourself, protect yourself and never let them disrespect you.

Ready to enjoy more sex this spring?

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