How To Recover From A Love Breakup?

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How To Recover From A Love Breakup?
How To Recover From A Love Breakup?

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We have all been there. You share your life with someone you love, they have lived unforgettable things, you feel that you would give your life for that person and suddenly… love is over. Those sweet moments, sweet words and overflowing love fade away leaving us with a huge emptiness and a broken heart

If you are going through a breakup, you should know that, although each person deals differently with this experience, there is a grieving process that you must live to recover. Relationship psychologist Marisol Miles tells us what you can do to get out of a breakup well, even if you feel like you're falling apart inside.

Allow yourself to feel

According to the psychologist, the first sensations that you will notice when going through a breakup are fear, anger, anxiety, guilt, sadness and doubts. Identify each one of them and do not act instinctively doing things that you may regret; Better allow these emotions to pass and thus your body and mind will feel better. Also remember that the mind is very powerful and your broken heart can translate into physical discomfort. "When a person is going through a loving separation, they usually do not have energy the first few days, this because they are not emotionally willing to do activities," she explains.

Don't fall into temptation

The expert clarifies that there are a series of behaviors in which we usually fall when we have a broken heart, and they are not healthy at all: going to places that he frequents to meet "casually", asking about him / her to everyone, looking for who he / she is with going out and stalking it are attitudes to avoid, even if it seems impossible. "Another behavior that I have observed and is not healthy is to take refuge in pain and think that we are not worthy of anyone else."

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Don't idealize

"When idealizing someone, you don't see the mistakes they make and you are only in love with an idea, but not with a person himself," says the psychologist. This same attitude can lead you to isolate yourself, which will also not help your healing process. That is why it is recommended to go out, either alone or accompanied, do new activities or your hobbies and stay physically and mentally active.

So how do you start to heal?

To begin to recover you must assimilate and accept what happened. Humans are imperfect and therefore our love relationships too. “You are going to need time to heal, that is clear, and there is no antidote to pass that stage; you have to live, excel and move on,”says Miles. This leads us to accept our mourning. Keep in mind that you will have to go through several stages to fully heal: denial, guilt, anxiety, acceptance and overcoming.

How do I know if I have healed?

According to the expert, although it varies from person to person, you will know that you have reached a state of stability when you can talk about the person, or even see him, without feeling pain. Being at peace with yourself and wishing you well in your life is a huge step that will indicate that your heart and mind have healed.

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