How Does Your Mood Affect Your Sex Life?

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How Does Your Mood Affect Your Sex Life?
How Does Your Mood Affect Your Sex Life?

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Have you been promoted in your job? Did you wake up with more confidence in yourself? Did they give you a hard time? Each of the things that happen to you in your day-to-day life directly influence the quality of your relationships and your performance in bed. Do you want to know how to identify them to get the most out of them? Keep reading…

Happy and full

If you have taken an important step in your life such as getting that job that you wanted so much, completing a project or perhaps moving with your partner, your oxytocin levels will be through the roof; This will cause you to feel tremendously confident, very happy, and eager to socialize. In this state of mind you will be particularly flirtatious, you will take the initiative and you will be willing to give and to be given pleasure. Mind and body ready to enjoy!

Let no one speak to me

If, on the other hand, something in your day has made you angry, now is the time for you to have some rough and unbridled sex. Your angry mental state is the perfect excuse for you to ask and do what you want without feeling self-conscious; Also, when you feel angry you can focus more on your own pleasure and on new positions or places you want to try. Seize it!

Baby blue

If you received any news that made you sad or lowered your spirits a little, it is very likely that you will not feel in tune to become intimate. However, this is not a reason that your partner cannot pamper you, caress you and give you massages to make you feel good. If it is combined with an ideal environment, surely the caresses will end up being mutual, which can end in a very tender and super intimate sex session. You may not end up bursting with happiness, but we assure you that it will be a moment with an incredible connection.

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Between joke and joke …

We all like to be made to laugh and sometimes we are the ones who are all the more funny and playful. If today is the day you feel this way, take advantage of it to tinker more than usual. This state of mind will allow you to try new things, feel uninhibited, and be more prone to verbal play. If you take advantage of it in the morning we assure you that your day will paint you much better.

Butt stress

If you live in a rush or worry about a thousand things, your brain will be full of the stress hormone called cortisol. This hormone not only suppresses sex hormones, but its side effects greatly affect relationships. Headache, irritability and little desire to live together are some of the effects of stress that can lead you to have less and bad sex. Stay away from stress!

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