What Is Post-sex Depression?

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What Is Post-sex Depression?
What Is Post-sex Depression?

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Do you think you have post-sex depression?

Sex is related to enjoyment, passion, love … and most of the time, with moments that indicate benefits; however, there is sometimes the possibility that after having sexual intercourse you may enter a state of sadness that in many publications is known as “post-sex depression”.

“During orgasm there is a sharp decrease in activity in the amygdala, a region of the brain that participates in the processing of stimuli such as fear. Therefore, apart from causing pleasure, sex reduces anxiety and fear. However, after the act, some people may experience a radical spike in these emotions,”says Richard A. Friedman, director of the Weill Cornell Medical College psychopharmacological clinic. In the portal Sexualidad 180, they reflect the words of this expert who adds that “sex can be the most physical of acts, but depression can be physical as well. Sometimes no more important than a whim of biology. " In addition, they echo the Queensland Institute of Technology, Australia,indicating that almost 33% of the 200 women consulted claim to have ever felt this sensation.

There are many studies about it, another from the International Journal of Sexual Health ensures that 1% of women feel sad and depressed after having good sex. In this study they call it postcoital dysphoria.

Which can be the causes?

1- Having low self-esteem.

2- Having suffered sexual abuse.

3- Fears.

4- Having guilt.

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How to solve it?

Undoubtedly, the first thing is to talk about it with your partner and in no case shut it up. As Debby Herbenick of the Indiana University Center of Sexual Health Promotion assures AOL Health, “The first thing a person would have to do to solve this problem would be to pay more attention to their emotions and dialogue with their partner. But if a person continually feels sad after a sexual relationship and cannot find the source of their depression, they should speak to their doctor and seek help from a sexual counselor or therapist."

Any questions you may have about it, do not hesitate to consult with experts. The most important thing is communication.

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