Why Is Your Partner Afraid Of Commitment?

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Why Is Your Partner Afraid Of Commitment?
Why Is Your Partner Afraid Of Commitment?

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You have been dating that person for some time, but … something tells you that he is not ready to commit. And we are not talking about taking the big leap into marriage, but about having and leading a more stable and formal relationship

Why are there people who fear commitment? According to the author Patty Chang Anker, when you are interested in doing something, you do it only when it seems convenient to you; on the contrary, when you are committed to something, you take it in your hands, you look for results and you forget about excuses. It is there where the difference lies and it is there where we must learn to identify that fine line between interest and commitment, all so as not to fall into the so-called “dyslexia to read relationships”.

"Dyslexia for reading relationships" is a term created by psychologist Scott M. Stanley. In his writing 'Three true signs of commitment in the relationship' he points out that a very clear case of such dyslexia is believing that someone wants a commitment to us when in reality they only want to have sex. "Wanting to have sex does not contain any information about commitment, although some believe it does," he warns in his writing.

However, just because that person doesn't want to compromise doesn't mean there's something wrong with you. Remember that throughout our lives we live stages in which we look for different things, and finding that person who is in tune with us is a complicated subject.

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Although it is impossible to generalize why some have more trouble committing than others, there are a number of factors that indicate a trend.

The famous dating site, Match.com, conducted a survey of 5,000 young single Americans to learn more about their behavior in romantic relationships. Some of the results obtained were:

69% avoid falling in love so as not to get hurt

  • 1/3 affirms that their financial situation does not allow them to “settle down”
  • 49% want to achieve happiness on their own before “settling down”
  • 1/3 ended their relationship for lack of that "label"

Now, if you are in the middle of a relationship that does not seem like a relationship, what you should do is ask yourself if it is worth being with someone who does not seek the same as you, stop justifying them and take their attitudes as they are. It is important that you return to the path of seeing your priorities and focus your time on things that are important to you. You will see that what you least think about will appear "the one".

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