Erotic Dreams: Orgasms While You Sleep

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Erotic Dreams: Orgasms While You Sleep
Erotic Dreams: Orgasms While You Sleep

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Have you had an orgasm while sleeping?

There are many people who go to sleep and have pleasant sex even without having lovers, and reach orgasms even without anyone touching them

Yes, they are true orgasms, even if they are achieved without any physical contact, without using any toys, much less masturbation. They are dream orgasms: they are only generated with what goes through our head while we dream.

More and more men and especially women who admit to having sexual dreams in which they reach an orgasm, and also admit that these sensations are as pleasant as in real life. Yes, you can climax without even waking up.

Last June, a researcher dedicated to analyzing the content and nature of sexual dreams published a study in which he reveals that the most common during these experiences is to dream of having sex, but also dreams of sexual propositions, of fulfilling erotic fantasies., masturbation and sex with multiple partners.

The research, done by Dr. Antonio Zadra, from the University of Montreal, also mentions that there are more women than before who admit to having sexual dreams.

These dreams are different: some dream of sex with their partner, others with their ex, with strangers and even with their boss. Even though in real life they don't feel any attraction to the person they dream of. Other common characters in dreams of sex, whether male or female, are celebrities and celebrities. Yes, many dream that they have sex with a Hollywood celebrity.

For many people, dreaming about sex may be something they never remember, but have evidence upon waking up. For example: if a man ejaculates while sleeping, he will notice upon awakening what has happened. Hence, many call these dreams wet dreams.

Years of study

The fact that men and women have real orgasms while sleeping is something that doctors and scientists have been studying for years.

These wet dreams begin in adolescence and there are people who may have several a week, or only a few in their entire lives. And there is nothing wrong with it.

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Popular culture

Wet dreams are part of popular culture: they are often referred to in film and music. And, according to the University of Montreal study, more and more people are finally admitting that they have those dreams.

At least 8 percent of women's and men's dreams are about sex. And in many of the cases they end in orgasms.

Do you remember ever experiencing this?

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