Free Marriage Or Union? Pros And Cons Of Each Type Of Relationship

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Free Marriage Or Union? Pros And Cons Of Each Type Of Relationship
Free Marriage Or Union? Pros And Cons Of Each Type Of Relationship

Video: Free Marriage Or Union? Pros And Cons Of Each Type Of Relationship

Video: Free Marriage Or Union? Pros And Cons Of Each Type Of Relationship
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Marriage for security or free union for freedom? If you and your partner are thinking of taking your relationship to another level, but are not sure how high, here are some advantages and disadvantages of both marriage and free union. Thus, you can compare and choose the one that best suits them. List?


Pro: Show off your husband as THE ONE. Beyond all the crazy relationships you had in the past (bye bye Joe Goldberg!), Once married you will be with the best man in the world and presenting him as your husband gives a feeling of fulfillment and immense love. Remember that after the toads comes the prince.

Cons: Sleeping with the enemy. Every time there are strong fights it will not be so easy to get away in the middle of the night to your mom or your best friend's house to let off steam. Now you stay and fix it.

Pro: Wedding. Whether it is something out of a fairy tale or something very intimate and simple, the fact of “officially” celebrating their love is a unique event in life which is wonderful to share with all the people you love.

Against: Debts. Especially speaking of the previous point. Be very careful not to go out of your budget since you can stay with a debt that can last for years … and years … and years.

Pro: Security. That feeling that they will be together until the end gives you incomparable security. Also, this same link forces you not to throw in the towel so easily when things get tough, which is appreciated after a fight.

Against: Divorce. If for some reason the marriage stops working, you will have to go through a separation process that will give you more than a headache, in addition to the sentimental pain. And if you add children to it, it can be even more complicated.

Pro: Teamwork. You will start to see future plans and projects together…. forever. They'll think about what's good for both of them and see how nice it is to make plans for when they retire because hey! Together till the end.

Free Union

Pro: Pure love. Both you and him will be there because they really want to. They do not need the formality of a role or a church to demonstrate that they really want to be together, and thus, they embark on the adventure of sharing a life together.

Cons: Legal benefits. Although there are many countries that already accept legal benefits for couples without marriage, there are some things (such as medical aspects) that are not yet supported. Find out which ones do and do not enter your geographical area and in your specific case.

Pro: Financial freedom. Living in a free union takes away from those worries about buying a home and saving for retirement; This allows them to spend for trips, outings or whims that they want to enjoy together from now on.

Cons: Uncertainty. At some point in the relationship they must decide whether they should make more future plans and form a long-term heritage or not.

Pro: No strings attached. You and your partner will get to know each other very well, both intimately and on a daily basis. If for some reason you find something irreconcilable, the separation process will be easier legally and financially speaking (we know that the heart hurts regardless of whether or not you are married).

Against: Individualism. Although you live as a couple, living in free union gives you the freedom to start new adventures, even if they do not include your partner. Personal fulfillment can have more room than teamwork.