6 Ways To Confess To Your Partner That You Have Been Unfaithful

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6 Ways To Confess To Your Partner That You Have Been Unfaithful
6 Ways To Confess To Your Partner That You Have Been Unfaithful

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Are you ready to confess your infidelity?

You may have heard, read, seen that hackers published the list of members of the Ashley Madison site; a controversial portal that invites people to have extramarital affairs (affairs) without running the risk of being discovered by their partners.

More than 30 million names of married men and women were revealed online, to the surprise (not pleasant) of their partners. They found out in a hideous way that their loved one was involved in some affair, paying a fee each month to find new or new lovers and go on adventures without guilt or remorse.

The truth is that Ashley Madison failed in her promise of affairs without risks and many couples around the world were left in the middle after the online publication of the cheaters (infidels).

There is no ideal way to find out that your partner has been unfaithful to you, but this one by Ashley Madison sounds very painful. If you are, in this case, the one who has been unfaithful and you want your partner to find out only for you (and not for third parties), there are some things you can do.

There are cases in which the other has suspicions and has actually asked about it. In other cases, the other has no idea what is happening and does not imagine what is to come. The truth is that what started for you as an adventure can mean immense pain to your partner.

If your partner suspects, it is time to stop denying things and accept reality. If you have no idea, there will never be a better time to tell you, it will always fall like a bucket of cold water, but the sooner you do it, the better for both of you.

Do it in person: This point is crucial and although it seems obvious, many people confess their infidelities "from afar". No sending an email or calling him on the phone. Face to face should be the way you make your confession. Whether you are ready to say goodbye or wish you had never been unfaithful and waiting and begging for a second chance, the best way to do it is face to face.

Do it in a private place: Do not tell him in a bar, or after dinner in a restaurant, or in a park on the way out. Do it in a place where the person can react, cry, ask, etc., without having to be surrounded by strangers. Stay calm and mature. You have made a mistake and are now doing your best to repair the damage, if the person is still interested in giving you another chance

Don't involve friends and family: Don't go and tell your mother or one of your friends what you've done for help, understanding, or complicity. You must first be honest with him and let him react. It is very likely that their reaction is not to hug you and say "I forgive you", but quite the opposite. Do not call your friends to find out how she is if after your confession the phone does not answer. This is something between you and him.

Don't blame him: Do n't start by saying or suggesting that because of him you ended up in someone else's arms. That is something that, although it may have some truth, it is he who must realize what he did or did not do in order for you to deceive him. Understand that you have already hurt him with your infidelity, and that you are now dealing with an injured person. Maybe later, the two of them can self-criticize and see why they came to that situation.

Don't lie anymore: Don't make up a lie to explain why you cheated on him. No more lies. Be clear, honest and answer the questions I ask you sincerely. Don't try to ease her pain with white lies. If you really want to win back her trust, you have to be honest, period.

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Prepare to lose him: And yes, he is likely to ask you at least for a while to leave him alone, to walk away, not to call him. Or that I tell you horrible things, even if I don't really feel them. Think about how you would react to something like that. Perhaps you are ready to end your relationship or, on the contrary, you realize how much it really matters to you to continue with your boyfriend. Give it time, space, and show that you are really sorry and won't do it again. And also prepare for the transition as if they come back, for a while, they will have some trouble trusting you.

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