Romantic Details That They Love

Romantic Details That They Love
Romantic Details That They Love

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Men are very simple … so much so that sometimes we run out of ideas to surprise them with details that they like.

Since we know that you want to spoil your partner without falling into repetitiveness, we have set ourselves the task of carrying out extensive research to discover those little things that they adore without telling us head-on. And here we share our results:

Put on your favorite team's shirt. Do you have an appointment after work for drinks? Well, surely she expects to see you in your office clothes, right? Imagine his face when he sees you arrive with the jersey of his favorite soccer team. A small detail that will surely brighten the night.

That you share your skincare routine. Yes we know. Most men don't have room in their minds to think about creams, serums, or masks; That does not mean that they do not enjoy them the day they try them. Convince him one night to let you make him a mini facial, you'll see how he loves it. We assure you that if you show him how to use a cold quartz roller, he will ask you to buy him one. Also, seeing her feminine side will make you fall even more in love with her.

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That you cook your favorite dish. Very classic, but never fails. Surprising him with his favorite dinner is always a good touch to close a day. If you accompany him with his favorite drink and dessert, he will surely see to it that the night closes very well.

Surprise trip. This one requires a little more budget, but who doesn't do well with a trip once in a while? Even if it is a weekend getaway to a cabin, you will see how much he loves and enjoys that you take care of all the arrangements of the trip.

That you handle it while driving. Whether with caresses on the neck, on the ear, taking it by the hand … skin-to-skin contact that makes you relax and feel very pampered while driving. Did you think otherwise? … you can try it too.

Give him tickets to his favorite event. A soccer game? The concert of your favorite band? Monster truck night? If an event that you know he loves will take place in your city, surprising him with tickets will surely melt him. It could be that you go with him or that he goes alone with his friends for a boys' night. A fun night is never a bad option.

That you quote him for a few beers. Did you see a new place that you think both of you will like? One day, when the job is done, write him a message quoting him there. Make sure they sell their favorite drink so they can spend a quiet afternoon catching up on everything that has happened to them this week. If you find a place outdoors, the better. Enjoying the last rays of the sun will allow you to have the perfect closure for any day.

Give him an unexpected kiss sooo passionate. Does that sound too cliche to you? Think about how many times you stop him on the street to hug him, run your hands over his neck and plant a movie-worthy kiss. If you do it when you least expect it, you will undoubtedly steal your breath, and perhaps you will start a passionate session of those that remain for the memory.

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