4 Signs To Spot A Sexual Liar

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4 Signs To Spot A Sexual Liar
4 Signs To Spot A Sexual Liar

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It is very likely that in your life you have ever encountered a “sexual liar”. Yes, that type of man who lies about his sex life: someone who suddenly forgets his womanizing past or who had a few hours ago sex with someone who is not you or who pretends to be the lover who is not.

Men lie about sex depending on situations: sometimes to seduce a woman; others, to make an impression of "macho" among his friends or to convince you that he is a love and that sex for him is something that he only began to enjoy since he met you. Ha!

These are some typical behaviors or phrases of a sexual liar (learn to detect them!).

Fantastic past: According to him, there was no woman who resisted his charm. He is the most sought-after lover in his town and you should feel honored that he chose you to give you pleasure. He knows everything about sex, he has a fantastic penis and spending a night with him is something you cannot miss.

The truth is that there are studies and research that show that many men lie about the number of lovers they have had (they exaggerate the numbers) to see themselves more "macho" or because of social expectations.

"I never felt anything like this": In this case it is the liar who wants you to believe that the sexual experience he had with you is the best in his life. (And the worst thing is that they tell everyone). It does not mean that if someone with whom you have a relationship tells you that they are lying to you, but you know that there are other men who say it as part of their sexual routine, and not because they really feel it. And women can see the difference.

All a "saint": Another liar is the one who swears and swears that you are the only one, that nothing that happened before you is important. In addition, it assures you that he has had practically no lovers, even though he is 32 years old and has two children. If you hide your sexual past, something strange is there.

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Lack of "desire": Oh, and this type of liar is the one we least want to be around. It can be your boyfriend or your husband, when you make up excuses for not having sex (because you are having it with someone else or because you prefer to watch porn in the bathroom). "I don't know what's wrong with me, I'm not the same as before, or I'm very tired, tomorrow I have an early meeting …". Mmm sounds like an excuse from a liars manual.

Remember, spotting a liar requires attention to detail. If she tells you a story several times and changes parts, it is obviously because she has invented it and does not even remember it. Also, if a man lies to you, he will also have a hard time looking you in the eye or explain why he was late in such detail that he will even be suspicious.

Have you spotted any sexual liar in your life?

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