15 Things I Should Have Said, But Lied

15 Things I Should Have Said, But Lied
15 Things I Should Have Said, But Lied

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In the search for non-confrontation, women choose to be so civilized that - instead of expressing how we feel - we use a thousand words to hide the truth. An article published by Upsocl exposes some of the common phrases that a girl would have said, but she repressed herself and never expressed them. Here we review some, but we wanted to add other forceful phrases that we have all thought about although - out of fear, touch or sensitivity - we never said. We lied.

The list:

  1. "I fell in love with someone else."
  2. "I never had an orgasm with you."
  3. "No, I do not want to".
  4. "I want to finish; I am not happy with you. "
  5. "You were all to blame, I did nothing."
  6. "Because I do not want to".
  7. "I don't like anything that woman you say is your best friend."
  8. "You make a fool of yourself when you drink, I'm so embarrassed to see you like this."
  9. "I'm not interested in going to that party, I'm going to meet."
  10. "I regret having dated you."
  11. "Don't call me, I'll call you."
  12. "Yes, I am jealous."
  13. "Your brother is the worst."
  14. "I don't like how your mother cooks."
  15. "You are unbearable, that's why I left you."

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These are just some of the phrases that many women have not been able to drop out loud, for fear of hurting a man. Although it is proven that women express ourselves better than men, that we are more communicative, this is not always the case. A study at the University of Manchester found that women use fewer words than men, we get more to the point. But sometimes our humanity saves us from not saying what we think at once. The cards have already gone out of style; sad, but it is so. Therefore, what is said face to face is what you keep.

Happened to you? Did you have to half lie or tell the truth?

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