The 7 Most Erogenous Zones Of Your Body

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The 7 Most Erogenous Zones Of Your Body
The 7 Most Erogenous Zones Of Your Body

Sometimes a deep look or a smile is enough to leave us all excited and excited. But when it comes to eroticizing ourselves, there is nothing better than knowing our anatomy and knowing how to take advantage of our erogenous zones

Each erogenous zone responds differently to contact: in some parts the vibrations are more effective; in others, a little pressure is needed and in others, only caresses are enough.

Remember what it feels like to caress the inside of your thighs and when your partner's hand continues to rise. There are many erogenous zones that in the routine we leave aside and we do not take advantage of them. The truth is that those erogenous zones that we sometimes forget are the ones that can turn a sexual act into a memorable and incredible moment of pleasure.

Know your erogenous map

The inner part of your thighs: This area is very sensitive to caresses and contact with the tongue. Here you don't need pressure, just delicacy and dedication.

Behind the knees: Perhaps one of the most forgotten erogenous zones, but it is time to "revive". Keep that in mind for your next time …

Tail and cheeks: If your man pats you when you cross his path or when you bend down to pick something up, play along. If you like anal sex, this may be one of the ways to get it across to him, letting him play and explore with your tail. Remember how important it is to be lubricated and prepared for penetration from behind so that the pleasure is for both of you.

The neck: That he only brings his mouth close to the side of your neck will already give you excitement if it is the man you like, of course. Let him play with his mouth and his tongue until he reaches your ears, another erogenous zone that is always used at the beginning of a relationship, but that eventually comes to the background.

The mouth: We can say that everything starts with a kiss. Kissing is so exciting that it can eroticize you for hours, obviously if your man knows how to kiss and not only kisses you fast to undress and penetrate you without foreplay. Use your mouth, kiss more and you will enjoy better.

Dolls: Oh yeah, dolls are erogenous zones that many men and women don't know how to take advantage of. Caresses and the contact of the man with your wrists is a part of the foreplay that is worth trying.

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Sexual exploration: the erogenous zones

Breasts and nipples: One of the most popular erogenous zones, so to speak, they react to touch and pressure. The use of your lover's tongue or fingers can awaken your excitement in a magical way. Let your man play with your breasts and enjoy.

Vagina: Although many women have difficulty reaching vaginal orgasm, that does not mean that the vagina is not an erogenous zone. Your man has to take the time to get to know your vagina and recognize your reactions to his fingers, lips, tongue or even a toy.

Clitoris: The quintessential female organ of pleasure is the source of orgasms and erogenous zone number 1. Whether it is with your partner's finger, tongue, fingers, or a vibrator, the clitoris responds to pressure and vibrations from a unique way, giving you the kind of pleasure you want to feel for hours.