What Is Vanilla Sex?

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What Is Vanilla Sex?
What Is Vanilla Sex?

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It was in the 50 shades of Gray that he became fashionable and so hundreds of couples now follow him

Although it is true that having sex implies an invitation to use aphrodisiac foods, such as chocolate, anise, strawberries, honey and oysters; sex toys like a vibrator, Chinese balls or the love chair; flavored condoms, doing it in public places, inviting a third party, and even wearing edible lingerie - not everyone agrees to include them.

This leads us to the conclusion that there is a significant number of men and women who find in classic sex, in the tranquility and intimacy of the home, the most erotic that exists. We call this vanilla sex, so called because it is the most common ice cream flavor that exists. Have you ever tried it? I'm talking about sex and not ice cream!


Many will criticize them because they tend to fall into the “boring”, although the Urban Dictionary defines it as: “A sweet and caramelized sexual encounter, in the most classic sense”. And it is proven that those who dominate it the most are men aged 35 and over, who have the perfect knowledge to know what type of caresses and in which areas their partner is most excited.

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Frauky Jiménez, clinical psychologist and specialist in couples in sexual life, explained the following to Aló: “It is up to each couple to practice it. Everyone chooses what satisfies him because, as we know, pleasure is subjective. The important thing is that both agree, talk about what they want, what they like and how they enjoy in bed."

And what is the sexual position that is most used in vanilla sex?

The traditional missionary! This sexual position in which your boy is up and you are down is the most frequent in civilization. That is why it has the reputation of being the most banal and routine; However, it is also considered one of the most comfortable and offers unmissable sensations. The eye contact that is given gives intimacy and makes it easy for him to pamper your breasts, buttocks and clitoris with complacency, which guarantees an intense orgasm.


It is the most used in vanilla sex because you have the freedom to move your legs and allow intercourse to be as deep as you want. In addition, it is followed during this sexual technique because it is one of the first positions you learn when you start in the fantastic sexual world. And you will NEVER fall into boredom, as long as the enjoyment prevails and there is no complaint, it is perfect. What is really necessary is NOT TO FALL INTO THE MONOTONY; When the traditional begins to be boring, it is time to experience new things such as teabagging, dirty talk, cruising, dogging, abdorgasmos, bangover, among many others.

Other things you have to master about vanilla sex

    Although it sounds paradoxical, returning to the conventional can be a way to find yourself again as a couple.

    • Being a missionary is one of the most comfortable positions that exist, not to mention that it is an easy and simple route for both to climax.
    • For men it is a reference posture because they manage to get their penis to enter your intimate area without any obstacle.
    • And it is that with a face to face position, in which you can look and kiss, especially if there is love in between, the others are superfluous. You feel really desired, because your boy has in his hands the power to excite you and make you feel an unforgettable orgasm.
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