9 Things That Should Never Change In Your Relationship

9 Things That Should Never Change In Your Relationship
9 Things That Should Never Change In Your Relationship

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Being in love causes an inexplicable bodily wellness reaction. The most romantic ones define it as the sensation of "butterflies fluttering in the stomach" and an "intense shine in the eyes". However, the most pragmatic or - least enthusiastic about the art of love - consider that this lasts the first year and leaves. It doesn't necessarily have to be this way. If you put these little details into practice, your relationship will be healthy.

Although it is important to recognize that time and habit could take you to a space to be comfortable, calm and safe. Be careful, this is usually dangerous. Why? Because you give way to a delicate status quo. If there are many discussions, a crisis may come and if you neglect, you can put your relationship at risk. So get to work.

1. Kiss it sooooooo much. Yes, just as the song Luis Miguel interprets says. They always did that! True? In every corner, at any time of the day. And it must be a practice that continues forever. It doesn't matter if you have years together, children, different activities, emotional physical contact is important.

2. Surprise him with lingerie. There is no doubt that men find a button-down shirt with folded sleeves sexy, but the lingerie never fails, NEVER! The effect of the black lace on your skin motivates him, drives him crazy and excites him. So take advantage.

3. "Rabid" in sex. Yes, dare! Do this mental exercise. Do you remember the first nights you spent together? There is your answer. Choose to be a hot, strong and sensual woman. The woman you have always been. It is not that you use sadomasochism or violence. Use creativity, intensity. Remember that men are driven crazy by biting their lips. So using sensuality like Shakira does is allowed. The Colombian artist is a good example of an intelligent, sensual woman who takes care of her relationship.;)

4. Practice sexting. Yes, send her spicy messages at noon. Do you remember the first sex you sent him? It causes his hands to sweat, he gets excited and his cell phone falls out in the middle of a meeting at work. She is your partner! The man you love The "flame of love" exists. To the fire it is necessary to blow it, add wood and desire so that it does not go out.

5. Talk about "WE". Tell him how much you appreciate them being together. He remembers the best moments, the constant laughter, the moments of madness that they committed. Men like to talk about positive things. Be careful, do not bring up uncomfortable situations or third parties, you will kill the moment.

6. Help him release stress. How? Ugh, this may be an easier task than you think. And you will get rid of stress too. Sometimes over time, the couple feels absorbed by the relationship; both men and women. Let it be. Recommend a night with friends to watch a game, play soccer or cards. Let him spend a moment with other boys so that he values ​​you. Similarly, do it yourself. If they have children, they can take turns. It is not that they will do it weekly, but occasionally it is necessary.

7. Let yourself be surprised. Even if he takes you to the same restaurant as always, if he does it one night, don't tell him: "Oh, again." He feels like he wants to flatter you. He appreciates that they go to a restaurant, when perhaps they both came out super tired and what they want is to be in their pajamas. Worth it;).

8. Get ready for you. Yes, the more beautiful you are before your eyes, you will project beauty. I'm not talking about putting on tons of makeup, or designer clothes and heels. I mean having your hands groomed, your hair clean, the right clothes, and voila! As long as you have your favorite shirt, he will fall at your feet. When he came to visit you, do you remember how you ran to the mirror before opening the door? Well do it again!

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9. LOVE IT! With the greatest intensity in the world, I feel it in each hug, in each word and in each caress. Love is about details. Give him a postcard, just in case … Leave a note on the fridge, like Frida Kahlo did with Diego Rivera. Let him know that love is and has been strengthened.

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