Sex During The Holiday Season: Surprising Facts

Sex During The Holiday Season: Surprising Facts
Sex During The Holiday Season: Surprising Facts

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The holiday season can be a stressful period for many, but it is also an exciting time for others: in this very special period, occasional sex with strangers increases and there are more conceptions than in any other month of the year.

Check out these amazing facts about sex during the holidays:

1- Red, the color of attraction: Dressing in red is a tradition during the holidays, but it is not only a festive look, but it is also an attractive look: the red color increases the chances that the opposite sex will I approach you and want something with you. (With nothing red in the closet? Go to the store now!).

2- Living the 'crazy' party: Several surveys (and perhaps their own experiences) agree that during this festive period, many people go out for drinks and end up having sex with a coworker during or after the famous office party.

3- Quick, quick, there are people: More than half of those surveyed by WET, a lubricant company, admitted that they have ever run away from a family or neighbor's party during the season for a quickie.

4- 33 percent of people confess that the night before the New Year is when they are more predisposed to have sex with strangers more than any other night of the year (a memorable way to start the year, right?).

5- A very pleasant gift: More than half of people also admit that they have given sex as part of their holiday gift.

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6- Drunk and alone, a dangerous combination: Something that is also typical of parties is that many people make 'sexual' decisions without much caution and end up regretting it. For example, they have sex with their coworker and when they return from the break they have no face to look at it. The mixture of alcohol, loneliness, the feeling that something is over, sometimes causes people to indulge in somewhat dangerous sexual behavior.

7- For more than 80 percent of Americans surveyed by the Trojan brand about pleasure and customs, nights and days of rain or snowstorms are the best times to have sex. And that happens a lot during the holiday season (Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!).

8- December, the most (re) productive month: During the holiday season is when the largest number of conceptions is registered. In other words, more babies are conceived this month than any other month of the year. The reasons? All of the above.

9- Perhaps in an attempt to avoid result number 8, in the week before Christmas there was an increase in the purchase of condoms. It sells almost twice as much as it does after the Christmas holiday.

10- Many people have a ritual for the end of the year: Just as for many it is to kiss each other on the mouth when the countdown reaches 0, for others the tradition is to have sex during farewell and during the arrival of the new year. And really, who needs the famous Times Square ball to have something to get excited about …?

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