6 Disadvantages Of Not Talking About Sex With Your Partner

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6 Disadvantages Of Not Talking About Sex With Your Partner
6 Disadvantages Of Not Talking About Sex With Your Partner

Video: 6 Disadvantages Of Not Talking About Sex With Your Partner

Video: 6 Disadvantages Of Not Talking About Sex With Your Partner
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Despite the closeness that exists, some couples avoid talking about their sexual tastes and preferences.

The renowned sexologist Alexandra Rampolla explains this situation with the 80/20 rule that is used in economics. With it, she concludes that 80% of couples' frustrations are caused by 20% of problems. Most of these differences come from reasons that have not been resolved and that are transformed into dramas such as emotional and sexual distancing.

“They need to communicate in order for them to live a satisfying sex life. If they talk about sex, they will change those things that they don't like, they will feel more committed and they will achieve a greater emotional connection,”says the sexologist.

According to Rampolla, although you know that not touching these issues with the person you love is a problem, women and men find it difficult to do so.

“It is an act in which you are exposed, vulnerable and you are afraid of hurting your partner and sometimes the strange idea appears in your head that 'if I don't take the step, it doesn't happen'. Talking things up makes things better,”he says.

Rampolla offers you six disadvantages of not establishing this type of conversations with your boyfriend or husband.

No problem solving

When you or he makes up his mind to “put the breast to the situation” they are more likely to have the problems go away. Of course, you must face them so that they stop limiting you.

For example: If your boy skips the preliminaries, but you don't express it, he will continue making the same mistake. Men are sometimes very "alive", they seek their pleasure, and yours is in the background. True?

2. Isolation

When you feel that he does not understand you because his behavior does not change, you will begin to isolate yourself. Your sexual desire will be damaged because it will decrease considerably. You no longer want to prepare for it, far from it. Be clear that you cannot pretend that I understand or guess what happens to you if you do not speak it.

3. Misunderstandings

Oral sex is one of the techniques that gives women the most pleasure, but why is it that she doesn't do it to me anymore? Could it be that my private parts smell bad? According to the doctor, she no longer practices it because she has no idea how much you enjoy it. Tell her! Don't waste any more time!

4. Snowball

Rampolla indicates that some women are offended that their partner does not give them oral sex, and that is why they decide to take it out: "I'm not going to give it to them either." If this situation evolves in this way, your partner will perceive your attitude. If he refuses to speak too, a "snowball" will form. He will begin to act accordingly and in the days an inconsequential discussion will break out.

5. Emotional distancing

With the discussions, the couple is moving further and further and it is more difficult for them to solve their problems to meet. The sexual connection will be the most affected.

6. Sexual distancing

The sexologist assures that it is almost impossible to love and enjoy under the covers when something causes you anger, pain and rancor.

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