Risks Of The 'Satisfyer', The Fashionable Sex Toy

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Risks Of The 'Satisfyer', The Fashionable Sex Toy
Risks Of The 'Satisfyer', The Fashionable Sex Toy

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It seems that the Satisfyer, the sex toy that everyone talks about, could have negative effects on your sexual health. And is that several sexologists have begun to warn of the problems that could cause excessive use of this device

According to the experts, if its use is taken to the limit, it is possible that the woman who does it may not reach the climax in another way, and this is how the Spanish sexologist Cristina Callao explains it in her Instagram account @co_razones:

"It's called a sucker, but don't pay much attention to the name, because no, it doesn't suck, but it emits waves 〰️ that stimulate the clitoris.

Everyone raves about this toy and don't get me wrong, I consider it to be a toy that has made it possible to talk about female sexual pleasure without taboos. But there are certain things you should know, beyond being the erotic fashion item that everyone talks about.

The cons of clitoris suckers:

Orgasms in 2 minutes: Believe me when I tell you that this is not always an advantage. Haste, urgency, immediacy also seem to have taken over the sexual sphere. It is important to allow ourselves to feel, enjoy each phase of the human sexual response and not go through them in seconds, to go directly to orgasm. The purpose of sexuality is not exclusively orgasm, so is the journey and we are creating many shortcuts. Localized stimulation: The fact that this toy is unique and exclusively for the clitoris, makes us lose part of our autoeroticism and self-knowledge. Also, our brain creates synaptic connections and learns that orgasming like this is quick and easy. And if you just use this way of jerking off and also use it frequently,Your brain becomes “lazy” and gets used to it and then it will be difficult for you to have orgasms in a different way. Because I remind you that neither your hand, nor that of your sexual partners or a language ?, has the same power as this or any other erotic toy.

So if you have a clitoris sucker, use it but take it up with other masturbatory modalities”, explains the expert.

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But this does not mean that it should stop being used, only that it should be alternated with other forms of masturbation.

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Satisfyer: the sex toy that EVERYONE is talking about

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