7 Ideal Sexual Positions For A Quickie (VIDEO)

7 Ideal Sexual Positions For A Quickie (VIDEO)
7 Ideal Sexual Positions For A Quickie (VIDEO)

Video: 7 Ideal Sexual Positions For A Quickie (VIDEO)

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Video: TOP 7 BEST Sex Positions for Lasting Longer In Bed 2023, February

You will have already verified that when your relationship is several years old, sex takes second place. Maybe you are very hot at night, but he gets tired. Or, in the morning the testosterone levels in it increase, which makes me look for you first thing to have sex, but you do not have time or desire, so you have to solve this situation somehow. How about a quickie?

"Sex represents 15% of the relationship when things go well, BUT when there is sexual dissatisfaction, it occupies 85% of importance," says Barry McCarthy, sexologist. So true!

As everything has a solution except death, we wanted to compile for you a series of sexual positions to make love with your boy, without spending much time. Obviously, women like you enjoy the previous caresses and everything that involves having sex without a stopwatch in hand, but from time to time because of adrenaline, sexual desire and little time, you need to have quick sex. Learn and run!

Elsy Reyes, expert in sexuality issues, describes three sexual positions to take away the desire to have sex with your partner in a few minutes. It would be good to learn them to get you out of trouble.

As in the variety is the taste, we give you five other postures so that the temperature rises, either in your bedroom, in a public bathroom, on the desk in your office or where you feel like it.

4. The Queen's Throne: If you don't have much room, this position will solve your life. You have to sit on her throne; that is, on your boy's penis while he is sitting on the floor. You will begin to move in such a way that you increase speed and energy. The penetration is so pleasant that both will finish in a few minutes.

5. The missile: Seeks to do it on a carpet to avoid back discomfort. Ok, now he will lie on you and you, squatting on his private parts. It is important that they hold hands so that they support each other. In that position, you have to move and allow intercourse to your liking, which will make you feel the wonders of an orgasm minutes later. You will compensate your boy with a good oral. He deserves his award too!

6. Reverence: And how is this done? Both will squat. He will focus on kissing you and touching your breasts, while you caress his testicles and penis. It is so pleasant that you will love it because it makes you finish in no time. It requires a lot of physical effort during penetration, but it is very effective for a quickie.

7. V with double intensity: It will be allowed when they are at home, in a hotel or when they have a smooth surface. They love it when they aim to bring you to an orgasm. You will lie on the bed and open your legs "drawing" a V, which will make your boy's member enter in an intense, fast and strong way. He needs to have previously given a little love to your intimate area to help you lubricate, but after a few minutes of having started the sexual act, you will touch the top and he will be a champion worthy of rewarding after you recover. Willing to make up for it?

Let's put a quickie into practice!

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