How To Know If They Lie In Bed

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How To Know If They Lie In Bed
How To Know If They Lie In Bed

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Do you think no man lied to you when they were in bed together?

Understanding male psychology has always been a complex thing. His way of acting and facing certain situations, has little or nothing to do when we talk about the sexual field. From the most physical to the most sentimental, let's face it, they are totally different. Although we do not like generalizations, it is true that in a series of areas there are some patterns that can be repeated; for example, in bed. There are different situations where it is convenient to know that they can lie and this can become commonplace.


Not to hurt you: Or what they call "white lies". They do not want to make you feel bad or less, so you can find a lie to not make you feel bad.

  • To raise his ego: On countless occasions, man likes to show off what he has or is capable of doing and achieving. This is part of the "courtship to get impressed."
  • To avoid or avoid responsibilities: The man always runs away from the conflict, trying to escape also from the commitment in the first instance. This can be out of fear or simple insecurity.
  • How is lying transferred to bed?

    Flattery: "You are beautiful", "you are perfect", "do not diet anymore", "I like you like this" … Tens and hundreds of phrases in the form of flattery can make more than one fall on the networks of the boy who like. Don't kid yourself, they know that and unfortunately, they can play with it on many occasions. Do not be fooled by such simple things, in the end "movement is shown by walking."

    You are the best !: In the act of sex and with adrenaline at 1000 per hour, you can escape many things that are only the product of excitement. Sad to say, but it is the truth. Phrases like "you are the best", rest assured that you will not be the only one who will have said it. It may not be a full-blown lie and he really feels it right then, but you certainly don't hold onto this to feel like you're special or unique to him.

    I love you: In general, the woman does not say "I love you" without really feeling it and the truth is that the man does not either, but in the sexual field it is much easier for a man to "escape" to achieve his goal.

    Excuses come: "I'm sorry, I can't stay up to sleep because I get up early tomorrow", "I forgot my toothbrush" or "I have a lot of work tomorrow". These are some of the excuses you'll hear if he doesn't really want to sleep with you after having sex. He does not want to tell you the truth so as not to hurt you and he will use these kinds of excuses. Make no mistake, if he really wants to stay, there is nothing that can stop him.

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