How To Survive Quarantine With Your Partner

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How To Survive Quarantine With Your Partner
How To Survive Quarantine With Your Partner

Video: How To Survive Quarantine With Your Partner

Video: How To Survive Quarantine With Your Partner
Video: How to survive Quarantine with your partner! 2023, December

Living as a couple is very nice, but when the world forces us to be locked up 24/7 things can change

Although each relationship is different, there are those who live this quarantine with more problems than others; It is not for nothing that the rate of divorces worldwide has skyrocketed since the confinement began. Therefore, if you are not one of the lucky ones who is still in the honeymoon stage, we have some recommendations that you and your partner can follow to pass this quarantine in the best possible way.

Establish schedules

Having daily activities scheduled helps you not waste all day browsing Instagram or looking for new content on Netflix. If you are working from home, set aside certain hours to work, and if possible, do it in different rooms. Also set what times are for leisure together or for exercise.

Share an activity

Choose an activity that you both enjoy and spend time doing it together. Whether it is exercising, cooking or watching series, spending some time doing what they both like will be positive for the relationship and for the day to day.

Eat healthy food

Eating a healthy diet will allow your body and mind to feel good, which will be reflected in the energy and mood of both. Include foods like grains, vegetables, fruits and animal protein in your diet, and stay as far away from junk food as possible.

Avoid discussions

We know it's easier said than done, but taking three lines down on the drama queen is beneficial to both of your mental well-being. If they usually argue about things like order or cleanliness, try to be more flexible to avoid falling into unnecessary fights.

Talk to your loved ones

Video calls are the perfect tool to keep in touch with our loved ones. Having video calls with family and friends also helps break the couple routine a bit, and will surely put you in a good mood.

Enjoy your home

Beyond seeing it as something negative, being in confinement gives us the possibility to fully enjoy our home, our partner and ourselves, take advantage of it! Use this time to express all the love you feel; after all, this experience may never be repeated again.